Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Call's Me Johnny Rocket. I Don't Know Why: Take Two, Now w/Links, or: Bright Power, Dark Peace

Holyfuck, just released. So good (I posted the blue last night in a fit of unsuppressible exaltation). Ten bucks at iPlace, buy it. Be complicit like me. Third time through, it's beyond cubing, quadrupling, beyond whatever that creepy backwards calculus E-thingee that square roots live in does. Holyfuck, indulging my rube, I haven't since...  holyfuck, I needed this. HEY! Mr Alarum found it this morning on Spotify! HEY! Look at the first three comments I've received at the reformatted one of two other places!



Robinson Jeffers

Here is a symbol in which
Many high tragic thoughts
Watch their own eyes.

This gray rock, standing tall
On the headland, where the seawind
Lets no trees grow,

Earthquake-proved, and signatured
By ages of storms: on its peak
A falcon has perched.

I think, here is you emblem
To hang in the future sky;
Not the cross, not the hive,

But this; bright power, dark peace;
Fierce consciousness joined with final

Life with calm death; the falcon's
Realist eyes and act
Married to the massive

Mysticism of stone,
Which failure cannot cast down
Nor success make proud.


  1. In case you haven't heard, Visconti says the rest of The Next Day is "quite a rock album" and he was surprised Bowie picked such a downer for the first single.

  2. Oh, I'm gonna buy it. But I've been thinking, I play lots of quiet songs and lots of slow songs but I really can't think of a ballad (as I sloppily define them in my taxonomies, though I'm sure there are some) I've posted.