Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Saw a Juxtaposition, It Happened Between an Acrobat and a Sense of Obligation

Dinner last night with Planet and Hamster and Ilsa and Landru and SeatSix (Earthgirl obliged to be elsewhere), then fell asleep with Proust, only quick links today plus Bowie coversCrow falls down. People rebooting or opening alternative joints is trending. See a blegrell on left. For me it's more fuck blooger than reformatting bleggalgazing. Taking it personally. Obama's rabbit holes. Not what you think but what you are. The origins of neo-liberalism, part one. New dependency theory. Capitalism. Three things. The imminent death of blogging predicted, except not. Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team? Conjuring Weldon KeesKafka, for those of you who do. Krasznahorkai, for those of you who do. I like, a lot, but fuck, it's work. Letter already broadcast into space. How to be a critic. Yes, I know the new Ubu out today, thanks to all who've emailed and DMed and texted. Gonna get my ears on it before saying much more. The cover at bottom reminds me I haven't cascaded Superchuck here lately. I love SuperchunkReactions to the new Bowie song. I didn't realize it was his first song in ten years, something for me to think about.


Lyn Hejinian

I saw a juxtaposition
It happened to be between an acrobat and a sense of obligation
Pure poetry
Of course there is a greater difference between and egg and a
     napping man


  1. I'm assuming you've heard this...?

  2. Yup, I added a couple of sentences about half an hour ago. Ordering it tonight on laptop, if all goes well will be on the Kensington-Frederick-Hagerstown-Hancock-Cumberland-Morgantown-Washington-Wheeling-Zanesville-Bamgier and back soundtrack this coming weekend. Thanks for thinking of me

  3. Thanks for the Weldon Kees, bdr. Dinner was fun, though Earth Girl was missed. Please tell her I hope to see some good road pics over the next week. A tune review by you and a last minute Fleabus Aubade courtesy of Planet would be awesome.