Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cleanse Whatever It Is That a Wound Remembers After It Heals

How we made killing easyMotherfucking Obama, this surprises anyone? Proportional credit where due. This is not the memo you're looking for. Proportional credit where due. I don't yodel this as often as I used to - and I don't yodel about why I don't yodel as often as I used to as often as I used to - but everything being done is in preparation for doing it to you. Banality defined. Your Fucking Washington Post. Enhanced versus elongatedGlobal geographies of torture. >>Yes, there was, now not, I forgot to be Kind<<  bin Laden tax. Photographing God. Double negativeBleggalgazing. Anyone know a MOCO public school teacher? Deleuze, for those of you who do. I was never a MBV acolyte though I liked them well enough, so one mention of the new one. OK, two. Marxist propagandaNew Ken Stringfellow. Classical music's glass, half empty v half full: hear Gerhard's 2nd String Quartet below poem. Eels cascade.


Weldon Kees

Change, move, dead clock, that this fresh day
May break with dazzling light to these sick eyes.
Burn, glare, old sun, so long unseen,
That time may find its sound again, and cleanse
Whatever it is that a wound remembers
After the healing ends.

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  1. If we're doing Eels, how 'bout some "Saturday Morning". None better.