Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Difficult to Recall an Emotion That Is Dead, Particularly So Among These Unbelieved Fanfares and Admonitions from a Camouflaged Sky

Irene played that yesterday. Show includes a new Richard Thompson song. Skeet-shooting, let's argue about skeet-shooting and authenticity. Definitions and distinctions. Among believers. Triangulating utopia (h/t) The Rawlsian Veil of Ignorance. The American veil of omnipotence. The next Left? Wars that aren't meant to be won. Bring on the dronesWhy the elite want you to fear robotsWorld War I. Violins on television. Gnossciene. Phantom time. Bleggalgazing Blogroll Amnesty Day (and bmpthnx). >>DB<< More proof MLS is minor league - gangsters don't think MLS worth bribing. Silliman's always generous litlinks. An anti-review of an anti-novel. Gaddis. Ashbery interview. Grateful Dead Kennedys. I am hearing ELO everywhere, gas stations, WFMU, everywhere. >>dBs<< And it's always been perturbing that the creator of ELO is named after my marriage. Baudrillard and The Minutemen (or members of). Gubaidulina, holyfuck, she is as devout towards Christ as I am profane, I'm cascading my ears, holyfuck the music, my pens are mute. The Ballads of John and Yoko. Obscure Sounds' Best of January (w/sound). Launderette. Two new Lips songs. New Nick Cave video below the poem.  I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry I like Beach House.


Weldon Kees

Difficult to recall an emotion that is dead,
Particularly so among these unbelieved fanfares
And admontions from a camouflaged sky.

I should have remained burdened with destinations
Perhaps, or stayed quite drunk, or obeyed
The undertaker, who was fairly charming, after all.

Or was there a room like that one, worn
With our whispers, and a great tree blossoming
Outside blue windows, warm rain blowing in the night?

There seems to be some doubt. No doubt, however,
Of the chilled and empty tissues of the mind
- Cold, cold, a great gray winter entering -
Like spines of air, frozen in an ice cube.


  1. I was afraid I'd have to send out a search party.

  2. Beyond the compulsive attention-sluttery, if there's a gag and/or joke and/or allusion and/or thought in my head I can't move on to the next one unless I spit out that one.

  3. I just gotta say holy shit, Vivien Goldman! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Wasn't that long ago they'd've had one believe it was merely bush-league.

  5. i like that photo that you've added at the top, shorts, fram e, walls