Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Am in Elaboration of Knowledge Impatient of Even the Patientest Immobility

Zen (see above) and Zombie and Bastard and Skippy remind me that yesterday was Blogroll Amnesty Day. Please note in the right column the NEW HERE blogroll. Please note that I limit the floating blogrolls to only the 25 most recently updated sites (for lamely aesthetic reasons) so please use the Show All option to see more if you haven't stopped by for a few days. As always, if there is someone you think I should be reading, for pleasure and/or insight, please let me know. As always, thanks for reading. As always, thanks for all the Kind, linkages and blogrolling. >>Deleted bleggalgazing<< As always, apologies or you're welcome (or both if you're not one or the other but both) for the >>Deleted bleggalgazing<< As always, if you are doing me a Kind and I am not reciprocating please let me know.

The Laurie Anderson/Kronos Quartet's Landfall: Scenes from My New Novel last night was wonderful, a special evening, made better by the discovery of a great Indian restaurant in Hillandale. No sound I can play here of the piece yet exists, so here's Kronos' version of Feldman's Piano and String Quartet - I know, I post this all the time, shoot me, I love it. Here's part two, three, four, five and six are below this block and below the poem respectively. President Douche. Oh, Wilbur. The Burger King Capital Beltway. This reminds me that on our trip to visit Planet last weekend, she asked me to loan her my copy of Infinite Jest. Oh dear, look who rich GOP donors fear. Poetry slam. Avedon's linkages. New blogs. Too little too late. Badiou, for those of you who do. Beckett, for those of you who do. Anthony's Links of the Week. The future of terror. Gerald Stern. A Chinese Finnegan's Wake. A Blissblog playlist. Matribute. It's nineteen-something-other-or-two.


Josephine Miles

When I think of my kindness which is tentative and quiet
And of yours which is intense and free,
I am in elaboration of knowledge impatient
Of even the patientest immobility.

I think of my kind, which is the human fortune
To live in the world and make war among its friends,
And of my version, which is to be moderately peaceful,
And of your version; and must make amends

By my slow word to your wish which is mobile,
Active and moving in its generous sphere.
This is the natural and the supernatural
Of humankind of which I grow aware.



  1. (for lamely aesthetic reasons)

    Are those the same reasons that you let the pictures bleed over into that blog roll?

  2. .. "you've both seen the tin man moves of bdr on a sub'car step' talking to himself on youtub'.. haven't you , i'd show you if you have not but i'm too feral for adobe , / i love l.barry, haven't thought about her in a while , i had one of her doodles ,of hanging around on the floor while watching the tely , stretching , pinned by my no cable ever tely years ago, that reminds me ..also i dragged this huge old b and w clunk t..v.. in to my room when i was a sweet young dreamy .. so that it was right up under my bedding tent , .girr ls,sug a "/... "of blackdog's grid d , the stuff.. is when he talks to himself on line , i couldn't live without that , to go see how la anderson was last night , with his friend that is a hampster,and planet daughter and wif' more grounded than myself girl ", , ble'd ing over , buns

  3. and now we all know what dugan looks like , the brows and eyes ,hair cheeks lips , and so on .. in the 2009 drawing above are a give away/ as i've said in talking with him on line recently ,..we draw ourselves in many ways over and over ag. , / i also talked off line ..about this with justin,now wading ,.. when i let him come to visit with me here

  4. Don't let Planet read IJ. Why? you might ask. Well, for one thing, she's in college and should spend her time studying for the credit for which you are paying or she and you are borrowing/mortgaging. That thing's a semester unto itself!

    I mean, that's the kinda shit I did in college. Spent a semester reading Finnegan's Wake to the neglect of the stuff I was s'posed to be learning. Did it help? Grades, no. Life, who's to say?

    I mean, encourage kids to do the opposite of what I did at their ages. Or something. Don't do as I do/did. Do as I say!

  5. I'm certain time and school work and social life will keep her Jestless, and she as much admitted she wanted to look through it in hopes of building up a desire to read it over the summer. And the only thing I've ever told her was DON'T LISTEN TO ARCADE FUCKING FIRE! for all the good that did me.

    The moral quandary, I told her, was whether to google the order of the sponsored years in Jest before DFW reveals them somewhere in the 200s. Makes the first part easier to know their order. DFW didn't want it to be easier. Planet can make her own call.

  6. An excellent concert, bdr. I am glad Earth Girl loved it, too. HUZZAH!! I am glad I helped put Jewel of India on you psychic culinary map. I am sorry to be missing the Meredith Monk in May but I still have eighth blackbird and the Reich Double Quartet on my radar.

    Lynda Barry RAWKS!