Saturday, February 2, 2013

We Undertook to Talk About the Phrase “Once in a While” Once in a While Noting the Vagueness Then Named “a While” and How “Once” the Phrase Recurs and Therefore Means More Than Once the “While” is Defined

This is true: Earthgirl and Planet found the above youtube last Saturday night in Bamgier. Earthgirl and I are seeing Kronos Quartet with Laurie Anderson tonight with Hamster!

I've sat on that youtube for a week. And to be fair, what fascinates us is not how or how much Hamster eats (he eats politely, he eats moderately), it's that we can't imagine him not trying something (I'll have the nutria-oysters in mule's-snot sauce). It's admirable. It's frightening. Here's KQ playing Irina Gubaidulina's 4th String Quartet:

Holyfuck. First two pieces this post taken from KQ's Night Prayers. This is true, when Earthgirl and Planet and I took our 2008 vacation to San Francisco, Napa, Fort Bragg, on California 128 between Mendocino and Cloverdale a DJ on a public radio station played that album from start to finish, holyfuck driving through the redwoods, up over the mountains, one of the best drives I've ever. I didn't know what it was, was out of range as the last song faded, never heard the subsequent mike break. I emailed the station, gave date, time, heard back seven months later, bought the CD then. Was your twitter hacked? The master meme. The elite losing sleep. Could have seen. Another scalp. Falling short. Holding education hostage. My "hip" future hell. Love toilet. It's Blogroll Amnesty Day. Be Kind, motherfuckers. One more KQ piece from Night Prayers immediately below, a Bongos song I heard last night beneath the Hejinian poem.


Lyn Hejinian

Come October, it’s the lake not the border
that has been redrawn. Thinking
about the event afterwards, I realize how remarkably well-prepared   
the girls are. There don’t seem to be any slouches
among them. Please tell them I say hello and that we’ll need 14   
for the green salad and 14 for the apple tarts between
with some rapid washing in clear water I remember as play
and planning in childhood, preparing until the very last moment   
for a gripping narrative that was itself perpetually given over
to improvisations and asymmetrical collaborations that could run
for days. That makes another 14. It was ”the word“ or “the world” in 1981   
when we undertook to talk about the phrase
“once in a while” once in a while
noting the vagueness then named “a while” and how “once” the phrase   
recurs and therefore means more than once
the “while” is defined. We too are in “a while”   
and when “once” next occurs, if the basic design suits
you, we will need a bit of modestly biographical contextualization   
for November. I’m going to put some thought to something
implausibly contemporary which perhaps isn’t wise
since between then and now no new coincidences have been noted   
just one large color photograph of bespangled cowgirls
herding heavy bulls up the avenue that opens this week carefully   
wearing baby blue boots to take out the garbage
but it never rained. At the end of the month, Halloween should be clear.


  1. In Russia, message self destruct you!

    The elite might toss and turn, get up to take a leak, half-scarf some leftovers, but lose sleep? I'll believe that when I see us all Mad Maxing.

  2. That 4th Strg Q is the shits. The rescued one and two high tailed it out of the room. Whew. And the rodent? Very moderate but lethal if larger would eat us.