Saturday, March 16, 2013

Objects of Value or Virtue, However, Are Also to Be Picked Up Here, Though Rarely, Lying with Bones and Rotten Meat, Eggshells and Mouldy Bread, Banana Peels No One Will Skid On, Apple Cores That Caused Neither the Fall of Man nor a Theory of Gravitation

  • Did you know the University of Maryland at College Park is located in that shithouse of The Eastern Shore? It's true! And while I can't summon a damn about Terpistan basketball anymore, it's still rewarding to delight in Duke losing. And no, I don't know if the allusion to Big D's Underground Man was intentional.
  • Facepalmistry
  • Brand new products.
  • Cosmetics as police regime
  • Which is shittier: that Obama wants to gut the New Deal because he is enthralled to his handlers or that he wants to gut the New Deal because of his legacy?
  • Total Information Awareness.
  • Object-Oriented-Whatevery. (h/t) Word.
  • World's Dumbest Public Intellectual! Whew.
  • Someone I know who knows Jennifer Rubin says Rubin is genuinely batshit crazy, scream at the neighbors batshit crazy.
  • My state does a good thing.
  • Blogbud Brad tweeted last night It's amazing how suddenly visible to the world one becomes to the world when carrying a copy of Moby-Dick. and I replied, Depending on what copy it is (I have one of those wonderful tiny old B&N Moby Dick in red cloth), I think people think it's >>>> it's a Bible, it's interesting to get the looks I probably used to give, the looks of those who hope it's a Bible.
  • Althusser, for those of you who do.
  • HEY! United v Fucking Metros on NBC at 12:30 EDT today. Watch!
  • New Murakami novel! It's called  色彩を持たない多崎つくると、彼の巡礼の年.
  • Anthony's litlinks.
  • Hey, JCO has a new novel out. It's been awhile since I read her, this one sounds interesting (from what I've seen beyond the Stephen King review that's linked), plus she's fun on twitter.
  • Untitled.
  • The Thinning.
  • Hey, throw WFMU the coins in your pocket please. Listened to Pseu last night, surely a coincidence she played the same Sparks song that is one of two of this shitty blog's March 2013 Theme Songs, but here's what's surprising - she played a Fleet Foxes song that didn't suck. What Fleet Foxes I had heard were the same three dreadful songs on Hipster KEXP. Not going to seek out more, not going to post here, but I heard a Fleet Foxes song that didn't suck.
  • Here, because I love you:


Howard Nemerov

A mile out in the marshes, under a sky
Which seems to be always going away
In a hurry, on that Venetian land threaded
With hidden canals, you will find the city
Which seconds ours (so cemeteries, too,
Reflect a town from hillsides out of town),
Where Being most Becomingly ends up
Becoming some more. From cardboard tenements,
Windowed with cellophane, or simply tenting
In paper bags, the angry mackerel eyes
Glare at you out of stove-in, sunken heads
Far from the sea; the lobster, also, lifts
An empty claw in his most minatory
Of gestures; oyster, crab, and mussel shells
Lie here in heaps, savage as money hurled
Away at the gate of hell. If you want results,
These are results.
                          Objects of value or virtue,
However, are also to be picked up here,
Though rarely, lying with bones and rotten meat,
Eggshells and mouldy bread, banana peels
No one will skid on, apple cores that caused
Neither the fall of man nor a theory
Of gravitation. People do throw out
The family pearls by accident, sometimes,
Not often; I’ve known dealers in antiques
To prowl this place by night, with flashlights, on
The off-chance of somebody’s having left
Derelict chairs which will turn out to be
by Hepplewhite, a perfect set of six
Going to show, I guess, that in any sty
Someone’s heaven may open and shower down
Riches responsive to the right dream; though
It is a small chance, certainly, that sends
The ghostly dealer, heavy with fly-netting
Over his head, across these hills in darkness,
Stumbling in cut-glass goblets, lacquered cups,
And other products of his dreamy midden
Penciled with light and guarded by the flies.

For there are flies, of course. A dynamo
Composed, by thousands, of our ancient black
Retainers, hums here day and night, steady
As someone telling beads, the hum becoming
A high whine at any disturbance; then,
Settled again, they shine under the sun
Like oil-drops, or are invisible as night,
By night.
             All this continually smoulders,
Crackles, and smokes with mostly invisible fires
Which, working deep, rarely flash out and flare,
And never finish. Nothing finishes;
The flies, feeling the heat, keep on the move.

Among the flies, the purefying fires,
The hunters by night, acquainted with the art
Of our necessities, and the new deposits
That each day wastes with treasure, you may say
There should be ratios. You may sum up
The results, if you want results. But I will add
That wild birds, drawn to the carrion and flies,
Assemble in some numbers here, their wings
Shining with light, their flight enviably free,
Their music marvelous, though sad, and strange.


  1. Some of us see this whole BBT thing Bakker's pushing ("reductionism with a vengeance" a friend of mine called it) as a crisis for philosophy itself, not just OOO. Graham Harman is addressing it in his next book to be called "Scientism."

  2. Thanks for the linkage yestaday.
    Salamat po.

  3. slut slut slut ..shh'e says , as she drops the drawing pen that she was holding between 'er knees , i have n't even made it back to look at what davidly is on about on the last post .. .

  4. Frances, I've no dog in the fight. I understand the language though lack the language to tell you what I've probably misunderstood amidst moments of understanding. More often than not I'm glad I wasn't given the philosophy student gene.

  5. FROM GERM TO GEM Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge

  6. ii, is that a recipe at the top, all but the liver and onions .. .

  7. i'd like to put a hell o out to.. michael holt.. . here ,on shewing , yes shew and showing ,never a mis'd, of on how to ro tate mt my desk /\of my ship sail flow .( note , nothing to do with se x ,for those near here that are kind of slow, ) .as he did something of this in ..setting up a wee small stag' eon nos' at the foot hill taring of my galley woe here about two years ago ..said shh' doesn't do num. . that had my flut come down to my elephant's foot ,one of my love ly foot trees, it seems that he is back in town to stay , some mention of him going in to the not liza nor grey .. staging here after my passing through as i do / if anyone would like to meet him in person try the farmers market by the lin seed grounds here ,rail, tor. ont ,ca, on mon. evenings ,early , and something of coming soon near there .. . anne has been gathering a group of female drummers over the last few months to go with 'er tar foot stamp ink. stand danc'. . ,' likely be some where around here .. summering