Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seventy-One Today, Eighty-Three Today

John Cale is seventy-one today. Strange thing is, when many think of Cale they think Velvet Underground, when I next hear Velvet Underground, fine, it's not hate, I need never hear a Velvet Underground song again, why is uninteresting even to me. Jamie requested Chicken Shit and anything off Paris 1919, here's everything but the Giftmas song: Hanky Panky Now, The Endless Plain of Fortune, Andalucia, Macbeth, Paris 1919, Graham Green, Half-Past France, Antartica Starts Here, Richard requested anything Stainless Gamelan, here's the whole album: Stainless Steel Gamelan, At About this Time Mozart Was Dead, Terry's Cha-Cha, After the Locust, and Big Apple Express. That's it for the requests. Here's one of the my ten most air-guitared songs:

I doubt I can go aargh-free all weekend, which was the plan even before an exceptionally aarghful encounter I had yesterday with my Illtophay friend the Obama apologist - I'm nuts, don't you know, and care nothing about women's reproductive rights - but Planet flies home today for Spring Break, I get to play outside today and tomorrow, United's home opener is tonight, and, in addition to being Cale's 71st birthday, today is Ornette Coleman's 83rd birthday, so only this sentence's aargh today. Hamster generously provides a Coleman playlist:

Lonely Woman. Free Jazz (full album). Faces and Places. Dedication to Poets and Writers. Blues Connotation. Peace. The Jungle is a Skyscraper. Change of the Century. Morning Song. Space Flight.


  1. Well of course.

    If you don't cherish the very few morsels our neoliberal President (with Bush-Cheney war on civil liberties module installed) grants you, then you're the same as a teabagger.

    / TBogg Logic

  2. Saw Coleman perform once. Then saw him again at a movie premiere of a film about him @ the Angelika in NYC. Feel lucky.

    Again (from yesterday): GIDEON LIED.