Sunday, March 10, 2013

United 1, Salt Lake 0

I'm so hopelessly a happy rube. We got two fewer games this year in our season ticket package - and has anyone seen anyone bitch about his, heard anyone bitch about this? For a decade we got three Special Game tickets in addition to the MLS regular season home games, this season we get ONE. And United moved the games from 7:30 to 7:00, stealing a half hour of my daylight. AND THE BEER SELECTION STILL SUCKS! I had a blast.

Here, can you see me in the photo below? See the star on the right, then the aisle to the right of that? Me and SeatSix are the two reds in the top red line directly above the line where the orange sign meets the black MLS sign.

Oh, the game. Perhaps United will be prettier when DeRossario returns next week from suspension, but St Benny of Olsen doesn't mind playing grind, and grind is OK as long as United wins.


  1. can i put that on blackdog's roof for you ,he has a lot of room up ther' .. .

  2. a loving slide for daughter and wife .. ,