Saturday, April 27, 2013

closing can't live long in a can


  • What's with the Bartok? United plays tonight in Columbus (minus Chris Pontius who pulled a groin, I remember turning to this guy and saying, why the fuck is Ben Olsen having a guy with a history of groin pulls take the free kicks?), I'm not going to watch because I'll be in Strathmore with Earthgirl listening to the BSO do that Bartok and Brahm's First Symphony.
  • I had not seen this (thanks @AnotherSpammer) re: mandatory and compulsory patriotism at sporting events. I had been watching a Nats game in my determined pursuit of ending my flirtation with the disease, and apparently at Nats Park patrons are required to stand up some mid-inning and wave their hats in support of military.
  • I've lived in suburban DC for 47 years, my twitter feed is exploding in angst over the firing of Jack Diamond, I have to ask: who the hell is Jack Diamond? 
  • William Gass interview.
  • Anthony's weekly litlinks.
  • He also recommends this interview w/Bernard Stiegler (who I was completely unaware of).
  • Proust, for those of you who do (or wish they could).
  • The Bartok piece only has three movements, so you get a Penderecki after the poem.


Clark Coolidge

Now we're in superspace even the tiniest
rivet is sentient   participating
particle emptiness proximal set
it's got to be around here someplace and closing
can't live long in a can   space is
a continual enchantment of the nonoriginary
hello Mother               don't knock it
there are spiral pitfalls       a collapse below
the infinitesimal though limitless leeway
your thought does not persist on most levels
transfers not       much of anywhere
points you can hear the valences lifting
gear-pure but cancel even that
go back you forgot the cat


  1. Jack Diamond is clear evidence that you have the wrong people in your Twitter feed. One of those trash morning DJs who started at WINX.

  2. .. fine tissue in er nose blow .. past morning ..dancing , my first dripping nose ,just the right side , in many years my mother just noted in her call in this morning , /one of the many side effects of disab'ly born ,of missing too much of my small intestine born ,- no running nose in many years , just now .. is odd, it started before the rough ,not to worry , but i did love love love in a different goof way your top header last night as i came in,thank you , you made me as strong as i needed to be with that .. and something of the in songs / i looked in on john's link last night .. a quick note and come back to ..because it was something of being conscious at a very young age (i was ) , / said a small song , Lhasa

  3. not sure what i was writing there /nose blowww / but i didn't mean.. go of .. it was very very fitting , the head er , nothing goof about .. . please put it up more often ..

  4. Ha ha ha scoreboard on fire! Fine metaphors no doubt abound.

  5. fitting -fennesz-good man ,mumlaX

  6. and just a still of the .. fennesz 's fa cover is nice in going back to something of agnes here .. and font /grid