Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Was Like Beating on a Blood Pie

Shecky Obama, ladies and gentlemen, he's here at the Disposition Matrix every night through January 2017 (don't miss Kill List Tuesdays! Happy Hour specials!). Oh, my soccer team sucks, think Kevin Payne isn't laughing? Oh, and hell is Brahm's First Symphony, I'd forgot what a transparent rip-off of homage to Beethoven it is, lordy does it suck, but a very small hell compared to being stuck on the fourth floor of a parking garage filled with 80 year old drivers all trying to leave at once, honking their horns. I'm going outside.


Clark Coolidge

It was like beating on a blood pie        stopping
off for a gel cap rung 'round with ex-custard
applied just barely to the lip of the rosebud top
later suffering from nailover        on the mend?
not quite yet        so far so tight that
the windows jumped        the car barn snapped
pumpkins come with the own extinguishers
the hardness of a haberdashery complex
controlled experiment or else convulsions
let me at that piano a Pinkerton I believe
as Miles smiles reverses all his numbers
backing the vehicle into itself it manages
Ashley Montague in a lemon disposition
and don't spare the Unguentine        pass the carbons


  1. BLUE OYSTER CULT - rare interview 1978

  2. my born to be wild ..younger of the two nieces , that beat out all of the boys at her school in shop , yes she won ..on the stage crossing ..,the boys were not pleased .. . , any ways .. she is packing up and heading home in her truc k /,every one in my family drives but me ,.. even my cousin christopher who got his three doctorates first , one in japanese , is now driving ,

  3. unguent, .. and heb. heb. scot.

  4. nice gif. Is that an old Peter Gabriel getup?

  5. Mmm...rokeg blood pie. But where's the Klingon opera?