Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rosie Glasses

It's true, this blog's sub-lede as I post this, the most gratuitously brazen blogwhoring post ever! since the last until the next. Once the sub-lede goes away in the morning I'll either explain in more detail the next post or most likely not, but Rosie the Terrorist, photograph is header as I type this, destroyed my glasses at 4:30 Tuesday morning. She is not now a rug. The glasses freak me out, either acquaintances I thought disliked me when they thought about me at all are suddenly, unanimously thoughtful and nice or, alternatively, fifteen years of hippie, as-invisible-as-possible round-rimmed glasses was a tactical aesthetic error.


  1. I'd be speechless if I didn't feel such a whoreiffic need to post a response.

  2. Well, you have to admit those glasses NEEDED killin....

  3. Not saying it was a cause/effect (not saying it *isn't*), but serendipitously I had trimmed my owl-brows the night before.

  4. Thanks for this. Now we have enough points to complete our facial recognition profile of this blog's author's ID safely stored in memory should we need it. We're paying attention.

    Best regards,
    Agent Mike