Monday, April 29, 2013

Sedentary Intellectuals Raised in the Bosom of the Bourgeoisie Can Also Learn to Work

This commercial, I saw it on TV sometime midday yesterday, I can't stop thinking about it. I admit I don't see a lot of commercials and don't pay attention to many after two seconds, but this one I've been unpacking since I saw it and the more I unpack the more I see needs unpacking. Since the youtube might die soon or never, here, for future late tuner-inners: the Pillsbury Doughboy, his turn in front of a long line of aggrieved travelers to pass through TSA screening, giggles in delight when fingered by a fat white middle-aged TSA agent. How happy are people who switch to GEICO? asshole with the guitar asks asshole with the mandolin, answer being people fingered by TSA agents. And I'm such a whack I think, there are no accidents round here, whether deliberate or, more likely and frighteningly, not, so seamless is the overlap it's not even considered by the applicators.


Adam Kirsch

Twelve years on, the beard that Lenin wore
Still sharpens revolutionary chins
To dagger-points held ready for the war
In which the outgunned proletarians
Will triumph thanks to these, their generals,
Whose rounded shoulders and round glasses say
That sedentary intellectuals
Raised in the bosom of the bourgeoisie
Can also learn to work — if not with hands,
Then with the liberated consciousness
That shrinks from nothing since it understands
What’s coming has to come. The monuments
To which the future genuflects will bear
These faces, so intelligently stern,
Under whose revolutionary stare
Everything that is burnable must burn.


  1. It's called a sense of humor. Get one.

    Agent Mike

    P.S. Oh, and thanks to RG for that suggestion. That's funny too.

  2. Aw yiss!

    Must have seen that MIC agitprop 752 times during Fenriz weekend footie and hoopie. Try pulling a Derek Smalls these days and get charged.

  3. first look in ,geico, , i was just saying (in the in out of the rain last early evening , with nieces in neigh, and the tall very slender dark quiet suited boyfriend of one (oddly ..i could be the child of this boyfr. of a few years and my eldest niece , some backf. , he is of the midd'east , born here , no relig. /his a my fro to k's fine wht hair .. ,this niece is the only one in my fam. that has the palest of pale of skin .., when i say fam. i mean cousins as well ..all ..,.of we can not go out in the sun norw. )/saying ..of .. something of the beauty of these shorter filmings ..if you pay attn, they are very very clever .. . of how put together ,

  4. GEICO, wholly owned subs. of Berkshire-Hathaway, i.e. Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger(scumbags who made billions from bail outs). Munger's infamous for telling a student in Michigan that the cure for the economic downturn was "people need to tighten their belts and save money."

  5. today' s trend, .. others trying to talk on their cell phones behind houses and buildings , said tea pot lid, no phone carry.. .

  6. not a link suggest, but of something that i think needs to be talked about more ..on all of the connected blo g s ..that i have wandered on , - led zeppelin plagiarism part 1- .. as i've said to a few near , my older brother had a punk band in the late 70s/ .. he quietly /as is his nature ..lost faith when they took his songs ..written ..and ran .. ,he played with a duo setting with a girlfriend with a voice for a while after .. but had already lost faith from the band days ./ .. is now ,and has been for years, a humble wood worker artist /son of an architectural drafts man .. .

  7. [Comment typed/erased, demons diverted, commitment upheld.]