Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sixty-Five Today

Brian Eno is sixty-five today, and if that is one of dozens of my five favorite Eno songs ever this next song - I'm guessing the most posted song in the history of this shitty blog for no greater reason I post each Eno, each Cale birthday - is one of dozens of my five favorite songs by anybody:

Remaining song suggestions by buds, thanks much. If anyone wants me to add to the playlist please send me the requests via email or in comments. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More. Extracts from Music for White Cube. Moebius Roedelius. Blank Frank. The Heavenly Music Corporation. Paleosonic. By This River. Lordy, that song, played over and over, pulled  me back once from an encounter with too many fresh mushrooms too fast and subsequently became Theme Song of Soft Crashes. Whereas Rentbay Atesbay ruined I'll Come Running for me, I still see his leering slobbering face while dancing to the song when I have flashbacks. Baal spare me. Apollo (full album). Bell Studies for the Clock (full album). Ho Renomo. No One Receiving. Cluster & Eno (eponymous, full album).

UPDATE: Here's The Awl's Eno post.

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