Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Genesis of Air Guitar

David Byrne is sixty-one today. Many dozens of one of the five best nights of my life Talking Heads were on the soundtrack. I saw the Stop Making Sense tour at least a half dozen times - it came by twice in three nearby cities - it was not as excellent as the Adrian Belew tours but were still pretty fucking excellent. If I don't listen much now it still needs to be stated: this and this and this are three of my most air-guitared songs ever.


J.M. Vovopich

Herding's victory trajectories crest with reruns.
It's not what I do when people are watching it's what I do
when no one is looking is the greatest invisible fence
invented, is in fact the genesis of air guitar. We daydream we are
being watched when we know no one's looking.