Monday, May 13, 2013

What Was Needed Here Was Not as Much a Sharper Eye as a Higher Order Eye, a Whole Other Orb Altogether

  • Yes, I know, Watford is Reginald Dwight's team, but I envy the Watford fans' joy, vaguely remember when I felt capable of it if never actually felt it.
  • Well fuck me, fifteen minutes after posting the above video the copyright assholes took it down. Fine metaphors abound. I can assure you it was the greatest motherfucking youtube ever of one of the most remarkable one minutes in footballing history! Sorry you missed it.
  • Best bleggalgaze ever, one I'm totally incapable of creating.
  • Yes, my shitty soccer team lost over the weekend. The effort was better, the lack of talent was the same.
  • Someone at Salon stole Abonilox's idea.
  • Ask yourself, what kind of person wants to be a cop.
  • Jamie Dimon profits!
  • The ideology to end ideologies.
  • Imagine Edroso's opinion had Benghazi happened on Bush's watch in which Edroso would mock the Right for not taking Benghazi as seriously as Edroso is not taking Benghazi seriously now. Verily, I'm the asshole because I think the truth lies somewhere between the inviolable doctrinal truths of the two motherfucking tribes.
  • Adding, I'm the asshole to point out that had a story broke in 2007 that Bush's IRS targeted Liberal groups for special scrutiny the noise from Tribe Democrat would be equal to the current noise by Tribe Republican.
  • The End of Liberalism.


Dan Brown

Not that I lacked an eye entirely,
But give me an oblique enough kiss
To visualize, and my eye said "See ya later."
A little practice might have sharpened it,
But what was needed here was not as much
A sharper eye as a higher order eye,
A whole other orb altogether.


  1. re Sci Fi for economists - did you know that Paul Krugman had written an intro for a fancy reprint of Asimov's Foundation trilogy? He mentions it in his blog today, in commenting on the post you have cited - you can find the intro online

    re the bat-bean-beam blogspot bleggalgaze you cite, see also the following, probably originally written on a typewriter (note the date):

    The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of “writer's block”
    Dennis Upper
    J Appl Behav Anal. 1974 Fall; 7(3): 497.

    doi: 10.1901/jaba.1974.7-497a

  2. You're reading Larval Subjects--good man!

    And I wanted to say about Jack Crow's post last week--that was riveting self-portraiture. I want to hear more about the lifeboat.

  3. Anthony Brown is an Army veteran who is the current Lieutenant Governor and who is very very short. In fact when we chat I look him in the eye and that is very short indeed. He seems to have no personality whatsoever.

  4. Thanks Charlie, I'll post a copy of the PDF tomorrow. It is an old joke, but it's still a good joke.

    Frances, yes, though he has reacknowledged, using Oops Opps Ology over a half-second exploration, that *I* don't exist.

    Sasha, I suppose it's indicative of primarily my loss of attention but also of Martin O'Malley's dominance of Maryland politics I've never heard of the guy. Since he's probably a shoo-in (Ehrlich's not running against him, is he?) I'll learn more about him.

  5. Don't be too hard on him; he's saving the world one theory at a time. Besides, BDR, you've had the experience of having been publicly ignored and dissed by far less brilliant and attractive beings.

  6. Thanks again for picking up the Salon post for me. Not something I read very often.

    Also, is there something wrong with me? I seem to be very upset about the lack of interest in Rios Montt story in Guatemala? Did I miss something? Always grateful for any guidance.

    The only decent coverage I've seen is on the News Hour.

  7. of a short man that i could love - john/ab. , there was one piece of writing by him written /read by me .. that annoyed me somehow .. but i can't remember what it was now , / while mis ta' is about , that brings some.. ful' circling ,of b d ' 's not able , and about my saying while we were over at lack's .. that i haven't read a novel ..since my early teens ,of sitting down the shade of a willowing ' with the brontes and the huxleys .. near glenn .. . .. .

  8. Purty.Is that glitter?

  9. Wet calligraphy ink. And now it's gone.

  10. I will miss it. That was a good one.

  11. could someone say fac' bk in an up toned nan carrow to young jacobb .. ., said i've fallen beh. in looking in there and being annoying .. .