Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Goes to Show That If You Have the Wit to Be Small, Common, Cute, and Live on Shit, Though the Cage Frets Kings, You May Make Free with It

  • New obamapostates? Anyone? No?
  • Saw that story first on my Verizon 3G iPhone.
  • Let me save the spook in his cubicle in the big black building off the BW Parkway and MD 32 time: I called me wife, I called my kid, I texted my brother, I texted one dear friend, I texted another dear friend, I called my parents, I texted the plans for the overthrow of America to a Hezbollah pal, then called him to make sure he got it.
  • UPDATE! On the story.
  • UPDATE! Trained for totalitarianism.
  • UPDATE! Has a prominent Democrat called yet for an investigation on how this information on the program was made public? Asked at 1:26 PM EDT 6/6/13.
  • I am almost certainly wrong, 99% probability I'm wrong, but this Michelle Obama versus protester story stinks of FAKE! on so many levels it wasn't a stunt, think how FAKE! it'd stink if it was a stunt.
  • UPDATE! On the above. Not the part about me sensing FAKE! on the heckling Michelle Obama part. 
  • I have no idea who Rex Hupple is, but this tweet about the Michelle Obama Affair that appeared in my timeline is true, or at least as true as I can believe since I won't watch either MSNBC or Fox.
  • There is only kayfabe. That's the key swerve of the past ten years, the granting of unlimited digital reveals which are real and therefore reflective of your true worth versus the power's willingness - fucking eagerness, tiny you - to remind you or how puny you are, you, me, kings, clowns, hobos of our Stringtowns. 
  • Age of fraud.
  • The scheduled death of God.
  • Rise of Pop Fascism, part six.
  • Good stuff on culture of gaming and culture of games. Worth the $2.
  • Brookeville!
  • Writing and breathing. RE: Proust - I finished Combray enraptured, started Swann's part, what a freaking anticlimax of meh.
  • Agamben, for those of you who do.
  • On being plagiarized.
  • UPDATE! Yes, I know yesterday was Laurie Anderson's 67th birthday, a song didn't fit yesterday's post, meant to post this to this post from the start but forgot:


Howard Nemerov

No bars are set too close, no mesh too fine
To keep me from the eagle and the lion,
Whom keepers feed that I may freely dine.
This goes to show that if you have the wit
To be small, common, cute, and live on shit,
Though the cage frets kings, you may make free with it.


  1. yep, I've got verizon too. And most of my transactions are cash. And I've got some friends with dubious affiliations or last names. And downtown in the square there's signs announcing that the public space is monitored by both audio and video. I'm not a gun person by any means, but I understand the logic of the people who hole up in the middle of the woods with ammo and MREs way more than I used to.

    One of me and Randal's coworkers was about to start going on the usual screeds about OMGCRAZYWINGNUTS when this was brought up. We didn't even have to bring up drones for him to say he didn't want to hear it and leaving the conversation.

  2. I'd like the kayfabe if there was more Mean Gene and Superfly Snuka.

    Boom boom blam blam. I'll just stick with SMB3. See, it pays to be broke and boring, The Man doesn't give three shits about ye.

  3. your meerkat pic reminded me of the prairiedogese stuff

    i wonder if their communicative ability is as advanced as doc slobodchikoff thinks

  4. Y'know, I've come to expect the kind of ass-spelunking that gets you to thinking that NSA gives a fuck about you, or that Michelle Obama and a wackaloon heckler equals kayfabe conspiracy, so I just wave the wand of unconditional love and it goes away. But applying pomo bowel-diving analysis techniques to gaming? Fuck. You.

    Try not to jizz on us normal people when you wank, wouldja?

  5. Sorry, game theory is the *IN* thing in academia across multiple disciplines. Is fun! Of course, it's just study of power, which is to say it's the same old object/subject/subject/object in new clothes. But the truckloads of shit I could send you....