Friday, June 7, 2013

And the Pellegrino Bubbles Rise to the Surface and Dismember

I am blessed that everything reminds me of some Pere Ubu song and yesterday set off a cascade. After years of my inability to find anyone or anywhere who could cite David Thomas' birthday I will accept June 14th via unreliable wikipedia because I need one day a year to celebrate. Expect lots of Ubu this month. Any and all requests solicited for June 14 massive cascade. I am blessed that everything reminds me of some Pere Ubu song:

  • Of course I've known that Power claims as its own any private act I commit - I've written on this blog since day one that if I was worried about Power spying on me via phone and internet I shouldn't use my phone or type on a computer. Power has always claimed as its own any private act a subject commits and used whatever means and technologies available to enact those claims; what's different now is Power's technological capabilities. Power sucks up my digital crumbs into its cloud because it wants to and can, it doesn't give a flying fuck about me beyond storing information against my hypothetical radical future (and aiming advertisements via algorithms chosen just for me for toys I buy to keep me digitally docile while simultaneously enabling my surveillance), it sucks up my privacy primarily, essentially, because Power wants to and can. I've offered (I offer) no threat - Power has my phone records and photograph from the few Occupy protests I attended, and its bots scrolled me heavily in the days after and every month or two now, but I'm nobody. I'm archived, you're archived, not because of who you are but because Power wants to and can.
  • Here's how nuts I am: Power is delighted by this story (Obama may or not be; Obama is not Power, Obama is Power's puny pimp). The chance to crucify a leaker who leaked information that empowers Power by reminding every subject how much power Power has plus another once-taboo assertion of Power routinized? Win-win-win, motherfuckers. Loved ones and friends and family ensure me Power (is a figment of my imagination) is too clumsy for such coordination, I say, brute clumsiness isn't a bug, it's a feature, like the drunken lout offensive guard turned loose by the stars at a frat party the football team has invaded. The lout gets suspended, the stars get away with property destruction and rape.
  • Bullshit talking points.
  • Scarier than what we know, though not scarier than what we assume.
  • And I know it should go with saying though it needs said: none of this  - none - has anything to do with terrorism, it has everything to do with the accelerating decline in the standard of living of the 99% of people and to the ruthless lengths the 1% will go to maintain the standard of living of the 1%.
  • Trained for totalitarianism.
  • Going after Greenwald?
  • Note that the byline in the above article calls Greenwald a blogger, not a journalist or columnist, even though the article in question is in the Guardian. Fucking bloggers.
  • UPDATE! George W Obama responds.
  • Photography is not a crime.
  • Ecocide and the soul of a nation.
  • Toward an unhuman phenomenology
  • Henry Green season continues. As I said a few posts back, one breaks out in Blegsylvania every two/three years.
  • The third hour of the night.
  • New Neko Case album forthcoming! Forgive me, I love Neko Case.
  • Mining the audio motherlode.
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pere Ubu?


Frederick Seidel

So the sun is shining blindingly but I can sort of see.
It's like looking at Mandela's moral beauty.
The dying leaves are sizzling on the the trees
In a shirtsleeves summer breeze.

But daylight saving is over.
And gaveling the courtroom to order with a four-leaf clover
Is over. And it's altogether November.
And the Pellegrino bubbles rise to the surface and dismember.


  1. It's funny how much admiration you show for a hack lawyer who hasn't done jack shit to inform people of anything.

    Greenwald writes claptrap you can read for yourself without ever seeing a single Greenwald essay. The things he writes are fucking obvious. They are pasted everywhere one looks in life. Nothing he writes shows insight, nothing he says reveals things that are hidden to minds lesser than his own. That's because he hasn't got a brilliant mind, hasn't got insight, hasn't got shit.

    He is just a fucking poof with a self-image problem, aggrandizing himself because like many poofs, he thinks fame and fortune and public profile are the pinnacles of life. He wants people to seek his autograph and say his name often. That, to him, is far more important than informing people of what is happening in America.

    You think because he talks about done deals from several years back, he's informing you?

    The shit he reports on is old news, dipshit. He hasn't broken a single story, hasn't caught anything in his sights before anyone else.

    His essays could be synopsized by you writing now in June 2013 about how horrible Romney was in October 2012.

    But since you're stupid as fuck and egomanicacally limited to thinking your stupid views are the whole universe except for what Greenwald might say to enlighten your stupidity, you really can't see much of anything.

    Shit, you still hold a torch for Team Donkey. How fucking smart could you be?

  2. Hi Oxtrot! you asshat. For someone who reads this blog every day your reading comprehension skills are astonishingly absent. Hold a torch for Team Donkey? Jesus, do you even read the posts or just scan for keywords that make your toes curl in anger? Jesus, you're an idiot.

    I actually wondered if this Greenwald episode would provoke, here and elsewhere, some oxtrotian spew, your preoccupation with him as predictable as it is grossly creepy.

  3. If only enough people hated on Greenwald, shirley Obama would reward us with better policies!

    / Opologists

  4. thanks for pointing to the 'ecocide and the soul of a nation' essay

    a visit yesterday to the rock creek park nature center and planetarium left me much impressed with life's diversity and voraciousness - the exhibits of the fauna and flora of the park are very well done, and commensurate with the scale of the setting - evolution's ingenuity will ensure that something interesting happens in the future of the biosphere, no matter how much change is imposed by exogenous and anthropogenic forces - whether or not our species or progeny is dominant or even present seems not so important when one takes a million-year view

    with regard to the "soul of a nation" - the python creed asserts that an individual's soul does not exist ab initio, but has to be brought into existence through a long process of guided self-observation - a process unfortunately often thwarted by distraction -

    jacob needleman's 2003 book on The American Soul: Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Founders is one i need to re-read - in looking for its exact title i see that he has something more recent, An Unknown World: Notes on the Meaning of the Earth (published Sep 27, 2012)

  5. Thanks, Charley, when I daydream of my hypothetical radical future it involves ecological activism. And thanks for turning me on to Archdruid a few months ago.

    I assure you I wear enough hats - I'm bald, it's summer, I'm outside all the time, it's not in service of the gov't though, it's in service to my skin.

  6. Thanks also for posting the link to Speculashuns. It'll be fun to track Levi's rejoinder to Harman.