Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cradles in the Milkiest Arms of the Universe

Yes, it's sure to disappoint, these comebacks are never fully satisfying (though the two songs from 2011 are pretty effing good, one of them below), but still, blessed news, the chance to post Mazzy Star. Have I ever mentioned I love Mazzy Star? There, that's one of the rhetorical tics I referenced earlier today. The song below the Goldbarth poem has to be one of this shitty blogs five most posted songs ever. Two more tics in that sentence. Thanks to Hamster for the heads-up (he also sends news of a capella versions of Bowie's *Starman* and *Five Years* - I'm glad he reads Slate because I always forget too until I remember William Salatin and Matthew Yglesias write there and deliberately don't read it - though I do like Dahlia Lithwick). Anyway, bad mood gone for me but not for thee. I've never been called an *ipecac wretcher.* And the Goldbarth is claimed.

...one of whom had apparently died in childbirth; we found the skeleton of an infant within her remains

Albert Goldbarth

- it was, in it's way,
a pietà.

And the pictures in the planetarium gallery
of a star in all the stages of its last progression,
dying - first a "white dwarf," then a "black dwarf,"
then a "black hole," that the composition
cradles in the milkiest arms of the universe. 


  1. Oh yeah. Melissa Harris-Perry is a full professor of political science at Tulane (formerly Princeton) who also happens to have an intelligent television show on weekends. She has both a brain and a heart, unlike Glen Greenwald.

  2. I'd never heard of her, though I deal with full professors on a daily basis and can vouch that being a full professor proves nothing about intelligence. And that letter was embarrassingly lame and insulting. If she's done better work, I , as honestly snarklessly as I'm capable, ask you to please point it out so I can check out and reassess.

    I concede Greenwald is a relentless fucking badger who attributes bad faith to anyone who disagrees with him, which makes him pretty much like anyone else with a like forum (or like pretty much everybody else everywhere - I'm working on it). This isn't about Greenwald.

  3. I thought everything was about Greenwald ;)

  4. Link mercis, and if this was Zuckerbook, I'd like your full professor riff.