Monday, July 22, 2013

Hurling Bodies and Collapsing Lungs Used to Be Honestly Scripted Activities


Joel Craig

How do you recognize a lovely place?
The rotten anthropology of superheroes
hovers above the conference table, exhausted
on the idea of dazzling people. A plugged
organization of the moon like a turnpike
undecorated by barely legal children —
true stories end in the moody doctor city
but I always say the wrong thing. Away
from Las Vegas I spend too much time
at the whale facility. I’m bored with awakening
into historical X-rays
of the NO MOMENT. (What showmanship!)
Who does wear a cape underwater?
Now Egypt is miniaturized and it may never rain
again. Hurling bodies and collapsing lungs
used to be honestly scripted activities —
the stillness in the dream of important history.
From now on your stillness will be happening.
In the actual dream remember how the children
were modified, the sputtering, Russel Crotty language?
Friendly Calliope is no longer remedial
in the crisply American landscape. Even snowy
Vermont grows opaque, a diminished suggestion
in the desert mirror. I feel as if I’m speaking to a dear friend
but I’m saying the wrong things. I don’t like cockfights
or you’d rather be my daughter, deeply, authentically
factualizing our especially Southern roots.


  1. one of the questions in "is a guava a donut?" is "do gophers eat peanuts?"

    apparently they do because one technique for killing gophers is to offer them poisoned peanuts

    gopher is used to refer to burrowing land tortoises as well as the mammal that comes to my mind when i see the term

  2. yeah, I got the "well he gave an awesome speech so who cares about the disposition matrix/Abdulrahman/kill list Tuesdays/shall I go on?" line today from someone whose conversation I otherwise enjoy. To which I realize this is just beating my head against the wall and exit the discussion before I go Godwin.

  3. love do g, i have no idea what that film clip was about ..i didn't look any further ..than my imagining a brief affair with davidly looking at the screen in this sun going down poor lighting , that my hair was straight , and of kissing him , with .. tinder stic ks stuar t's voice ..of there's trouble every day .. . ,ca t