Sunday, July 21, 2013

Disappear into the Recesses of the Cliff

  • It's been at least a month since a Feldman cascade, sorry.
  • I was going to write what you'd expect me to write - here, I tweeted it: My first thought was that the speech guaranteed Kelly's nomination. Prime the liberal loads w/Obamalube, then boom, in response to someone tweeting that Obama's Martin speech eliminated Kelly from contention - about Obama's Martin speech, offered "extemporaneously" according to a WaPo article I'm not going to go back and find (and besides, I've now used up my July allotment of free WaPo articles and if WaPo thinks I'm giving them money....).
  • And then it occurred to me to give you Morton Feldman instead to listen to while you read these links.
  • But listening to Obama's remarks on the death of Helen Thomas yesterday, it occurs to me that every sentence in your head about whatever Obama says about anything need end with the phrase, but what the fuck did you think he was going to say.
  • Improve your conspiracy theories.
  • Yay! Transparency
  • On the above.
  • Three degrees of separation.
  • Friend or fro.
  • Beltway stages thoughtful spontaneity.
  • Slate analysis.
  • America is a tinderbox.
  • For the record, I don't think Obama will nominate Kelly to be head of Cheka, not because Kelly is a racist authoritarian asshole (hardly disqualifying to Obama) but because of all the people who have spoken up for Kelly - Obama won't want to be seen as taking orders. Obama's vanity, not his humanity, will be the difference (on Kelly: America is full of racist authoritarian assholes, Obama can find another).
  • The Manning Show Trials: These Teachable Moments.
  • Education, neoliberal education, and the brain.
  • Today in Fuckface Hiatt.
  • Weekly reminder.
  • Prole for a Day.
  • King for a Day: 


Kenneth Rexroth

Uniformly over the whole countryside
The warm air flows imperceptibly seaward;
The autumn haze drifts in deep bands
Over the pale water;
White egrets stand in the blue marshes;
Tamalpais, Diablo, St. Helena
Float in the air.
Climbing on the cliffs of Hunter’s Hill
We look out over fifty miles of sinuous
Interpenetration of mountains and sea.
Leading up a twisted chimney,
Just as my eyes rise to the level
Of a small cave, two white owls
Fly out, silent, close to my face.
They hover, confused in the sunlight,
And disappear into the recesses of the cliff.
All day I have been watching a new climber,
A young girl with ash blonde hair
And gentle confident eyes.
She climbs slowly, precisely,
With unwasted grace.
While I am coiling the ropes,
Watching the spectacular sunset,
She turns to me and says, quietly,
“It must be very beautiful, the sunset,
On Saturn, with the rings and all the moons.”


  1. I continue to wonder at the intensity of your ongoing hatred of the president ...

    1. I continue to wonder at the defenses Obama's supporters offer for him.

      Obama doesn't care about you, or anyone in your family (unless said family includes a Wall Street plutocrat)

      Unemployment has been 7.5% or above every single month he's been in office. Here is that fact, graphically represented. Do you think the Trans Pacific Partnership he's pursuing now will help?

      Meanwhile, here is JP Morgan's stock price the last five years. That's no accident, either.

  2. first obamalube. heh heh. then santorum?

    word made my sunday!

    go USMNT (2d team, anyway)

  3. re using up one's free articles - this definitely works at ny times, seems to work at washpost - i "clear recent history" on my browser (i use firefox) and its just like starting over

  4. Is it really that horrifying, the living members of Nirvana backing Paul McCartney? I mean, it's probably not that great, but...

    Also, clearly So is the best Gabriel. Or Passion. :)

  5. Softball - had to swing at the joke.

    *So* is hideously tainted by "Sledgehammer" and by "Sledgehammer Jr" (aka "Big Time"). I mean the guy ripped off his shittiest song ON THE SAME ALBUM.

    But *Passion* is great.

  6. ha! naturally, I like both of those songs...

  7. Best Peter Gabriel album? Why, Selling England by the Pound, of course.

  8. that north bethesda guy's last name is "gunn" - is that irony, or isn't it? or is it? it looks like he made a big mistake, but maybe the chance for growth and change that his new environment offers him will, in the long run, result in benefits as yet unimagined