Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let Seethe Rise, Punch Down, Rise Again

Baltimore Art Museum, July 14, 2013. In the galleries, in the lobbies, in the gift shop, urgent whispers, Zimmerman this, Zimmerman that. So, have some Holyfuck tonight, plus tomorrow is a Egoslavian Holy Day (see tags for hint, send me request soonish if you want particular song(s)) which I plan to elevate to a High Holy Day not only because recent re-listenings have curled toes but to take advantage to not urgently whisper, argue, taunt - this list in inclusive to me and my not urgently whispering, arguing, taunting, haranguing, screaming, damning, at least not tomorrow, yo - harangue, scream, or damn, yo. The below is a sculpture by Bruce Nauman.