Friday, July 19, 2013

Many Years Had Probably Gone By But I Remember Nothing of What Happened in My Sleep

Brian May is 67 today and that's not only a Brian May song it's the Theme Song of my 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th years, I have someone who can vouch. I'll spare telling the story again, but it was first real love. Yes, even though it's a Brian May song I play it on Farrokh Bulsara's birthday too. Queen stole the show at Live Aid, by the way. Happy Birthday too to my and SeatSix's father. This is the first song of the first Queen album, a Brian May song:

I cannot write a better monologue about the fucking fucked than pointing out that fine metaphors abound. I really should be enjoying the fucking fuck more than I am, or at least stop pretending I'm not enjoying the fucking fuck as much as I am. About face. Wish I'd seen this a week ago. He sometimes says very smart things, but Coate's obamapostasy will never be ready. Atrios' obamapostasy will never be ready either. In this love letter to Snowden, notice which motherfucker's name is not mentioned. Yottabytes! This is not an endorsement of Rand Paul, repeat, this is not an endorsement of Rand Paul: now Pastor Sanctimonious joins Jennifer Rubin in Fuckface Hiatt's jihad against Rand Paul. Repeat: this is not an endorsement of Rand Paul, so calm down, I just find it interesting to read the Post's GOP propagandists' anti-Paul diatribes, it's a sign of how much they fear Rand Paul. This is not an endorsement of Rand Paul. Meanwhile, on the same page, The World's Shittiest Human praises Obama's response to the Zimmerman verdict. Fine metaphors abound. Is your god a jerk? Lordy, Friday's in Blegsylvania during the Blog Days of Summer suck for link-fishing. Oh, I'm still here, I've no idea what blooger was threatening me with. But yes, I sense the recent manic phase here could possibly end, don't know how, don't know when, I've enjoyed it thoroughly, but. Fish sighting: was in Barca! The germantownification of Clarksburg out-Germantowns Germantown! Lordy, Strathmore sucks more often than not. Geoffrey Hill interview once and twice. Everything has a miraculum in it. Sonnet to Vauxhall. The sonnets of E.E. Cummings.


Czeslaw Milosz

I looked out the window at dawn and saw a young apple tree translucent
        in brightness.

And when I looked out at dawn once again, an apple tree laden with fruit
        stood there.

Many years had probably gone by but I remember nothing of what happened
        in my sleep.


  1. It's fascinating to watch the Golden Horde (who are a cut above most commentariats) do all sorts of logical gymnastics over these revelations. I really have a hard time with Bloomberg and his ilk. Someone told me this was because I'm far away from the problems of the inner city, but I live in the inner city! There are inner city problems in my neighborhood too! I still don't want more cameras and more profiling even if I see sketchy people about.

    I've had little luck in LinkLandia as well as of late, but I really should be blogging the gems I'm finding for all three people who read the Interblog and aren't on the zuckbook.

  2. Atrios' obamapostasy will never be ready either.

    His is a lot closer than others you name. And most of his common taters have been there for some time.

  3. Yeah, I know, he wants to, just can't (he's actually the only bloggal overlord that I read in 2008 that I still regularly read today). He'll have plenty of chances to convert in the months upcoming; hope he makes it if for no other reason to watch the reactions of the unconverted who follow him.

  4. a)i'm glad to hear there are to be more retail opportunities in the new improved clarksburg - it makes the highway to be constructed in my back yard - to make it easier to drive through germantown - worth the necessary destruction of tree, meadow, brook, and the fauna and flora thereof

    b)reading at tom clark's vauxhall post i learned about jeremy bentham's auto-icon

    c)and speaking of passing on and what remains (or doesn't) this is the first time i've heard queen's "all dead, all dead" - thanks

  5. That does it! The last straw. I'm done with this shitty bloog. When did you start endorsing Rand Paul? I'm afraid I've lost all respect for BDR now b/c of his major endorsement of Rand Paul. Rand Paul? Really? I can't take it anymore.

    Early Queen, on the other hand, may redeem you. May.

  6. Oh, sorry, you rang?


    You understand that brain cells die every time any of us types Rand Paul's name, right? I mean, if you could come up with some mathematical formula for degree of political power multipled by sheer, unbridled fucking actual literal stupidity, he would seriously come out in the top three.

    Which tells you something about his state.

  7. Yes, but by typing the words *Rand Paul* and *Pastor Sanctimonious* and *Jennifer Rubin* all in one sentence I could drop a huge Vendikar fusion bomb on my brain and get July's shipment of cells off to the disintegration booth all at once.