Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seventy-Five Today

High Holy Day in Egoslavia. Diana Rigg, first, still best crush ever, is 75 today. The Avengers, the Honor Blackman/Katherine Gale years in b/w, the Diana Rigg/Emma Peel years, but especially the first Emma year, in b/w, first, best crush ever. Last year I was able to post some episodes, this year some company has claimed rights and blocked them, still have this:

That still gives me toe-curling waves of nostalgic pleasure like nothing else does. I haven't mentioned this here in a while: I remember seeing the Flintstones in color, the first time I'd see a color TV, I was five? six? I don't remember whose house, a relative's presumably, I know it was in western Pennsylvania, but I am convinced that seminal event, followed by a decade of TV repeats after school, home when sick or faking sick, color then B/W then B/W then color then less and less B/W as the old shows fell out of syndication, and especially the shows in syndication like Avengers and Get Smart and Bewitched whose first years were in B/W then toggled to color, influence, for good and bad, how I apprehend and interpret the world still.


  1. If it weren't for the Flintstones, BDR would be an Obama fan.

  2. older woo man / diana has a very different presence from the actress that jim h mentions , so in that different .. looking very different to me ,said the seeing girl... warm .