Sunday, August 18, 2013

pumpkins made of gelatin width of a screw plastic modeled novelties and knickknack ropes sandwiched looseleaf

Serendipitous to this post re: content and above sillyass Star Trek allusion, Mr Alarum sent me this tweet last night. Blogger won't let me manipulate the template so the green is permanent and the layout (as in the columns) is permanent and the width is permanent, but I can add content and rearrange content within the columns, so thus. I've condensed Me and Mine only to blogs of mine and friends who I've actually met in the flesh. I've removed the theme songs which no longer work because some fucker claimed copyright and moved the Theme Songs that still work to the right column and set them up to watch directly. Please let me know if there are any problems - when I looked at the blog in Chrome (I made the changes in Firefox) I had to ctrl-(minus) the screen down to size, for instance. But once a month or so the inability to change the template drives me to fuck around with what I can change, and the dead theme songs needed weeding, so here, a Sunday post in Blogust, the last couple weeks of the Blog Days of Summer.


Clark Coolidge

O great gleaming golden green at naptime
such that the crimes of us battlers
extend the velveteen balloon narrow as breath
the seat or tree      the values of this lumpy lawn
a landscape whose whistle ran down as all
those animals on the run or hunt we'll see
fish come true in alleys locally puddle or no
we felt like a sort of guest sauce around there
pumpkins made of gelatin width of a screw
plastic modeled novelties and knickknack ropes
sandwiched looseleaf where the offspring molt
keep their truck      cork thoughts
a pity the trench so long in filling
the thing came out of the night in training


  1. The site looks fine. It just takes an extra three an a half years to load because of all that video set-up. I'm not sure how often I'll feel that patient.

    1. Thanks. I just reduced the number of posts on front page by half. Hope that helps a little bit.

    2. It will help. I reduced my number of posts per page to three, for that reason.

      Even on a dial-up connection, and with a bunch of large pictures and youtubers, it will load o.k.

    3. THANKS! to davidly who sent me code for the seven theme songs so that they'll load faster.