Sunday, August 25, 2013

The User Interface Has the Following Format

  • New Robert Pollard. Yes, there's always new Robert Pollard.
  • David Thomas interview.
  • Pere Ubu US tour is on despite visa problems.
  • Listened to the new Pollard on way to and from hiking on Sugarloaf w/Earthgirl today, just saw the Thomas/Ubu links now, I'd gathered the links below over coffee this morning, was going to save them for tomorrow, but two of three of the permanent members in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game in my head, I'll not be able to listen to anything else today less I post this now.
  • Sometime in my early 20s Park Mrebelic and Willy Bayne and I were drinking pitchers and shooting pool in a bar on Wilkins off Parklawn when a boatload of bikers rolled in. We were told the table was theirs, don't bother finishing our game. OK, finished our pitcher at the bar, poured quarters into the juke box, punched Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou thirty-two times, left. Nonetheless, wouldn't wish Parkinsons on anyone.
  • You'll have to go find them since I've used up my free views in August for both the NYT and WP and fuck if I'll give them money, but both have articles today in which the ledes I can see suggest liberals are asking her to leave SCOTUS now because they fear (a) a Republican will win the White House in 2016 and (b) then she'll die.
  • Tarzie's interrogation of The Guardian continues.
  • Vanity and venality.
  • Maggie's weekly links.
  • New Inquiry's Sunday links.
  • The best vegetarian restaurants in DC area. (h/t SeatSix for these two)
  • The seven best vegan restaurants in DC area.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • Borges, for those of you who do.
  • Borges, politics, and the postcolonial
  • Debord, for those of you who do.
  • Lovecraft, for those of you who do. I confess, I never did, though I know some of you do.
  • Melville, for those of you who do. 


Philip Nikolayev

The user interface has the following format. Upon accessing the URL,
the user sees a welcome message with some explanation of the service
provided. The user is prompted to enter his or her name, date of birth,
When everything else fails, try something new. and email address,
For instance, try the central mental hospital, then to left click on the
sit back and mumble enjoying the belle vue submit button. Based on
until the nurse has counted you all. this information, the CGI script
Our group files in fresh from the courtyard walk, generates “on the
a pageant of male flesh in ugly dress. fly” an appropriate horoscope
There’s bundles of excitement but little talk. reading for the end user,
The chess-players are breaking out their chess. or displays the logs
No one to mention the Afghan War. The state, and user Statistics if
crumbling, buys me my sparse and forkless lunch. the current user is
This latest novel fails to kill my worries, the site admin. Parse CGI
The Plexiglas window withstands a teenage a punch. variables (or
God, I must prove completely nuts, by fate lookup logged record) to
unfit for active military service. obtain user’s birthday. Parse user’s
stats, verify and save to log file. Compute user’s Zodiac sign based on
birth date. Print personalized greeting. Generate a horoscope reading and
send it to user’s browser} else if (user   ==   administrator)  {compute stats.


  1. re poem title DODGING 1985

    it seems to be a mash-up of how one gets a computer-generated horoscope and how one avoids being drafted - in the ussr, apparently, hence the reference to not mentioning the afghan war

    but URL and 1985?

    The Uniform Resource Locator was created in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee and the URI working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an outcome of collaboration started at the IETF Living Documents "Birds of a Feather" session in 1992. The format combines the pre-existing system of domain names (created in 1985) with file path syntax, where slashes are used to separate directory and file names. Conventions already existed where server names could be prepended to complete file paths, preceded by a double-slash (//).

  2. The Post piece doesn't suggest anything about liberals. It's just another jerk baby reporter asking her if she'll go just like every other jerk baby reporter. And she says what she always says.

    1. I wish I'd saved the link even if it'd just recycle me back to the front page to demand money. I'll do better next time. The Post article lede was more explicit Ginsberg get out than the times.

      While I'm here - I ate at Great Sage a year or two ago and was OK but not great. Food for Thought used to be on Dupont and ate there all the time when I was young. Have you ever tried Yuan Fu, on Rockville Pike across for Richard Montgomery. It's vegetarian (could be vegan, I don't know), *really good* when owner is in kitchen but her mom is in bad shape and when owner is away quality drops lots.

    2. Yes, I've eaten at Yuan Fu and my experience was much the same. I don't understand why they left out so many Indian restaurants that are vegetarian. (There aren't many vegan restaurants because it's really really hard to make vegan food that has any flavor.)

  3. Lots of overlap on the vegan and vegetarian front. I've eaten at Great Sage several times. The food is good but the selections severely limited. Soupergirl is terrific. She also sells her stuff at the Dupont Circle farmers market.

  4. I've used up my free views in August for both the NYT and WP

    to get around this you can clear your recent history in your browser

    i use firefox - in the 'history' tab - clear all history - time range 'everything' - first five boxes checked

  5. Reading essays on Lovecraft? Rather read Lovecraft.

  6. vegan food sources -

    for one's at-home meals, trader joe's has a number of items we repeatedly consume at chez charley -

    non-dairy milks, of course, and their soy yogurt is good

    also chicken-less strips and beef-less strips, displayed with other meat substitutes in a particular corner of the refrigerated cases


    we like the meatless meatballs
    chickenless crispy tenders
    chickenless mandarin orange morsels (in prearing this, i use two of the sauce packs at once, and add in onion, sweet red pepper, and orange pieces to serve with rice - muy rico)

  7. hmpf. No Milwaukee stop on the Pere Ubu tour.