Monday, September 23, 2013

Born 87 Years Ago Today, 107 Years Ago Wednesday, 68 Years Ago Thursday

This is to note I did not forget that John Coltrane was born 87 years ago today. What I did forget was to ask Hamster for his playlist more than 24 hours in advance; I gave him fifteen minutes after he'd already got to work, so my fault.


I should mention there are two Egoslavian Holy Days imminent, Shostakovich's birthday Wednesday, Bryan Ferry's Thursday, so if you've requests get them to me or, alternatively, not.


  1. I thought Coltrane was really great as Hagrid.

    1. Coltrane was really great as the product you used to terminate your first three marriages?


      Coltrane was great as my German teacher in high school? (This is true - as of 7:27 AM 9/24/13 I can't remember the Frau's name.)