Friday, September 20, 2013

the vet who dissected the priest’s dog believes that the cause of death was probably a stone on the head

  • Friend :-P asked me if I remembered the band Insides, especially their album Euphoria, and I had a vague memory of the name but had forgotten the music, so thanks for reminding me!
  • Wanted to bump a photo by Earthgirl, this past Sunday morning at 7:45 on Grove Church Road between Sycamore and Deal Roads, Martinsburg Ohio, but no doubt - and I mean no doubt - user error fucked up something here design-wise (it involved a missing div-tag, I think), and oh well, one step-back for every one step-forward plus a stumble toward Fuck It and Fuck This.
  • When I typed div-tag in this and the above sentence and blogger went to auto-save I got the blooger pink-bar of accusatory you fucked up you fucking moron. Forgave me both times.
  • Is there a sense of optimism two years after Occupy? I'm sorry, but I'm a pessimist. I think a momentary braking on the overlords rush to extract the most rents possible of an increasingly burdensome citizenry might - might -  be happening now that the citizenry has noticed the brazen bloodsucking, but I see overlords poking until the living meat squealed, now is a pause for reassessment, that's all. The police will continue militarizing in the meantime.
  • Jeremy Scahill interview: Jeremy Scahill, an investigative foreign correspondent whose first documentary, “Dirty Wars,” opens Friday, writes for The Nation and achieved his biggest success with “Blackwater,” a best-selling book critiquing security contractors hired by the George W. Bush administration. Neither of which keeps him from being labeled a right-wing stooge by detractors. “Most of my hate mail nowadays comes from liberals, not conservatives,” he said
  • Scahill has more faith in people than I do: I don’t have any illusions about Congress changing things, but I have faith in people. If we debate about this in our society, Congress will be forced to do something about it. If we embrace assassination as a central component of our foreign policy and continue with the mentality that we can kill our way to victory — or worse, kill our way to peace — then we’re whistling past the graveyard
  • A heart-warming letter: “Some media outlets have sensationalized the leaks to the press in a way that has called into question our motives and wrongly cast doubt on the integrity and commitment of the extraordinary people who work here at NSA/CSS—your loved one(s),” the letter suggests. “It has been discouraging to see how our Agency frequently has been portrayed in the news as more of a rogue element than a national treasure.” 
  • But yes, the NSA will weather the storm, quite nicely in fact.
  • A criminal -justice journalism manifesto

  • Best instant pun of yesterday: I retweeted this tweet which read The Silver Line is nearing completion, but won't take passengers until February and within seconds blogbud Philip tweeted back: Not every silver line has a crowd.
  • This week in water
  • White Oak! Hamster emails: This is in Ol’ Hamster’s back yard. Well, the strip shopping center where the dude squeezed off 8-9 shots lies between this and Percontee Land. That undeveloped land was  great to (illegally) walk through, especially if it was snowing. I guess this will transition the local traffic from Percontee cement mixers and dump truck to your average Beltway-Type sprawl traffic. It’s the new Silicon Valley! Can’t wait!!
  • You have pissed your life
  • The evolution of useless things.
  • Frank O'Hara, for those of us who do.
  • I confess I've never heard of Icelandic novelist/poet Sjón. It's nice to have access to a university library stacks. I just recalled a book from Mr Alarum.
  • A twelve-hour blind date w/Dostoyevsky.
  • Heninen/Hakola/Kurtag/Koshinen: String Quartets



i’ve been hit on the head by a stone – my ex-wife has been hit on the head
by a stone in my presence – my old school friend has been hit on the head
by a stone – at noon today i saw a colleague hit on the head
by a stone – i saw a cat avoid a stone that was aimed straight at
its head – i saw a stone come through the kitchen window and land on
the cook’s head – i saw a bull die within quarter of an hour of
being hit on the head by a stone – the vet who dissected the priest’s dog
believes that the cause of death was probably a stone on
the head – the eldest son of a peasant on the farm where i grew up was hit on
the head by a stone and died – i encountered four stones in the main street yester-
day and three the day before – i am corresponding with members of the mineralogical
society in london – when they read my reports of
icelandic stones they doubt that they would survive one day in
reykjavík – i replied that I’m still hanging on so educated
men like them ought to be safe here too


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    There was a brief period when I feared for Scahill's well-being, his Blackwater aka Xe or whatever reporting. Buncha' lawless below-the-radar mercenaries who eschewed exposure. It's interesting: the outsourcing of national security functions, whether military (see above) or intel (e.g., Snowden) or security (see Alexis Aaron), seems to lead to big probs. Turns out Snowden and Aaron (DC shooter) were vetted by the same outsourced security clearance vetting firm. No links now, but it's out there.

    Oh wait:

    1. (e.g.Snowden) Are you conflating a whistle-blower with murderer?