Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Is Behind It? - Space, Plenty of Empty Space. And Who Is Talking Now? - A Man Asleep Under His Hat.

That's the photo I wanted to post the other day but pulled down because I fucked up the coding and photos displayed differently than before. It's looking east from Grove Church Road, Martinsburg Ohio, between Sycamore and Deal Rds, at 7:45 Sunday morning September 15, 2013 just after we'd abandoned our daughter at college. As I've written dozens of times, for over two years now I've been unable to change anything at this blog that requires the use of the Apply to Template button: I can't change colors, fonts, font sizes, layout, column widths, etc. Until I accidentally deleted a <div> code in a post earlier this week and ignored Blogger's warning and pushed publish anyway, when I posted photos wider than the center column the photos bled over the right blogroll, but since I fucked up the blogroll now lays over the photos. Laid. Fuck that, fuck it, fuck this. Right blogroll has been moved to left blogroll. The cemetery and soccer blogrolls have been killed. The number of blogs displaying in each individual blogroll has been reduced to the ten most recently updated. Since fewer and fewer people are updating their blogs you may not even notice even if you are one of the few who link out from the page, and if you are you can always click the Show All button at the bottom of each blogroll. My apologies for the inconvenience, but I was choking here between the two columns. Also, it's been five days since we've seen him, I usually wait a week, but Earthgirl has asked me to activate the Napoleon Alert System.

  • Another reason for the change, an unimpeded signal.
  • Multiplying in a column M by F.
  • And youtubes will be bigger too.
  • Neoliberalism depends upon and rewards one form of neurosis. 
  • Grand Theft Auto and the extinction of being.
  • All linkedin and nowhere to go.
  • Krugman's obamapostasy will never be ready. Last time. Call me when Krugman writes a column asking why Democrats/Obama peg their shittiness to GOP shittiness. He knows why.
  • Obama's "I am not a crook," moment.
  • On the Ayn Rand apostle who called Lloyd Blankenfeld holier than Mother Teresa.
  • I'm 80 pages into Bleeding Edge and more than meh, but not by much. I haven't read that review yet, btw, or any review (I want to read the book first) though I did read Kakutani's, I knew she'd hate it, knew she'd misread it.
  • Psalm to be read with closed eyes.
  • Breakfast with Thom Gunn.
  • Bright day.
  • Elliot Carter's Changes.
  • Was going to post two more fever songs - I'm fine, this turned out to be, so far, fingers crossed, an intense but only 48 hour drive-by cold - this first song, serendipitously, posted here hours before SeatSix sent me a playlist in the middle of the night for Johnette Napolitano for her birthday tomorrow, he being a HUGE Concrete Blonde fan. I like, not love, but do love this song, especially with a 103 degree fever. Longtimers, hearing the below Concrete Blonde song, can probably guess what song's below the poem.


Charles Simic

It hangs from heaven to earth.
There are trees in it, cities, rivers,   
small pigs and moons. In one corner
the snow falling over a charging cavalry,   
in another women are planting rice.

You can also see:
a chicken carried off by a fox,
a naked couple on their wedding night,
a column of smoke,
an evil-eyed woman spitting into a pail of milk.

What is behind it?
—Space, plenty of empty space.

And who is talking now?
—A man asleep under his hat.

What happens when he wakes up?
—He’ll go into a barbershop.
They’ll shave his beard, nose, ears, and hair,   
To make him look like everyone else.


  1. My first exposure to Johnette was when she fronted the only The Heads tour, No Talking Just Head. Great show and album. Have I made this comment already, last year or the one before?

    I was gonna ask if you'd tried "edit HTML" for quantities such as column header and main column width, which is how I got my column so wide. Having since checked, I see that that option seems to have disappeared.

    1. SeatSix sent along at least a dozen songs, if you've a few requests send them along too.

      I've never messed with css/html cause I'm a dope there. Doesn't surprise me though that my free blogging platform disabled features bloggers liked.

  2. I would've thought your fever would've broken when DC's Syria war fever did. Or did Obama's not caving to Corporate Mil/Ind/Intel Complex (CMIIC) actually bring it on. [Your Krugman snark was particularly weak this week, admit it. We'll chalk it up to Lurgee.]

    Aesthetics: You might consider eliminating the right hand column altogether, extend and shift the now-middle column, and increase slightly the left hand column. You might also consider including the summary feed of each of your 10 updating blogs as I do at WoW—a move that might increase click-throughs if that's something you're interested in. It gives a brief snapshot of the opening para or two.

    Feel better.

    1. "As I've written dozens of times, for over two years now I've been unable to change anything at this blog that requires the use of the Apply to Template button: I can't change colors, fonts, font sizes, layout, column widths, etc."

      The only thing I can do to change this shitty blog's appearance at this point is manipulate the blogrolls or disappear the blog.

      As for Krugman, repeating from the post:

      "Last time."

      He'd actually written a few columns winking at what a fuck Obama/Dems are in the whole fucking kabuki, but for whatever reason he's back to his old routine. I responded one last time with my old routine to his old routine. Fuck both of us, but especially me, from now on with that gag.

  3. I so appreciated your posting the Grand Theft Auto piece. Here in Sydney the majority of bus stops are splashed with ads for GTA V, ads that are are grim and menacing. Coincident with Oz's new PM Tony Abbott sacking the Climate Control Commission on day one of his administration, terming it "absolute crap." Meanwhile the 549,548 residents of the Solomon Islands will likely soon be the world's first mass wave of climate change refugees. Despite its vicious anti-immigrant rhetoric Australia will absorb the bulk of them.

    1. Sydney? Sydney Alaska?

      If you get a chance send some background links please. I'm not familiar with the story(s), especially the Solomon Island story. A quick google tells me a little, if there's something more you think I should see, please send along.

  4. No, silly. I'm back from Alaska. I'm in Australia for a fortnight, a word I probably wouldn't write if I weren't in Australia. Next stop Finn Harvor territory.

    If you want a boomerang or didgeridoo, please speak up now!