Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caught Between the Tongue and the Taste, or: 57 Today

  • Halloween is the fucking Arcade Fucking Fire of holidays. Even my favorite DJs on WFMU are playing motherfucking Halloween related songs. Fuck Halloween fuck Halloween fuck this fuck Halloween.
  • United and De Rosario part ways. SeatSix sends me a photo - they cut him and he gets to leave stadium watching workers take down his banner. New United ownership - always classy.
  • Red Sox fan dedicates trash can he's lighting on fire to Marathon victims.
  • I haven't thought of the Willard Grant Conspiracy in a decade. I've a couple of CDs somewhere.
  • Saariaho.
  • Paris Review just tweeted a quote from 1988 interview with Anthony Hecht so have a 1988 interview with Anthony Hecht.
  • Beneath the below GbV song is XXIV: Freedom from Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red, I love you but it's too long to type out, sorry. If they don't embiggen on this blog (and a hearty FUCK YOU! - as opposed to a Salty Salute - to my free blogging platform) the will embiggen hereAutobiography of Red is by far the best thing I've ever read since the last until the next, expect LOTS of Anne Carson poetry (though Autobiography of Red is a novel) in this blog's near future.



  1. Uhm...I think their farewell to DeRosario wasn't harsh enough. But I'm not very nice.

  2. I mean, what kind of curmudgeon hate hate hates Hallo-fucking-ween? I mean, what the fuck? It's Halloween. Lose your identity in that of some monster or celebrity. Become them—and it's even better when it's someone you absolutely loathe. And get fucking rewarded for the effort! Get rewarded for what? transcending yourself? Getting over yourself? Getting past your own miserable fucking individual self with a sucky suck-ass life and imagining a vicarious reality? What's not to like? I mean, really?