Monday, December 30, 2013

Seeing the Distant City Bathed in Moonlight and Staring Seriously at Them They Liken the Moon to a Cow and Its Light to Milk

Went to sleep listening to and woke up with Henry Cow in my head. Today's Maqroll precept: A caravan doesn't symbolize or represent anything. Our mistake is to think it's going somewhere, leaving somewhere. The caravan exhausts its meaning by merely moving from place to place. The animals in the caravan know this, but the camel drivers don't. It will always be this way. There wasn't a cow at Planet's petting zoo at Gambier this past October but there was a goat, photo above. Sorry, you missed the goat. She'll be back.


William Carlos Williams



     Why pretend to remember the weather two years back? Why not? Listen close then repeat after others what they have just said and win a reputation for vivacity. Oh feed upon petals of edelweiss! one dew drop, if it be from the right flower, is five years’ drink!


     Having once taken the plunge the situation that preceded it becomes obsolete  which a moment before was alive with malignant rigidities.


     When beldams dig clams their fat hams (it’s always beldams) balanced near Tellus’s hide, this rhinoceros pelt, these lumped stone—buffoonery of midges on a bull’s thigh—invoke,—what you will: birth’s glut, awe at God’s craft, youth’s poverty, evolution of a child’s caper, man’s poor inconsequence. Eclipse of all things; sun’s self turned hen’s rump.

     Cross a knife and fork and listen to the church bells! It is the harvest moon’s made wine of our blood. Up over the dark factory into the blue glare start the young poplars. They whisper: It is Sunday! It is Sunday! But the laws of the country have been stripped bare of leaves. Out over the marshes flickers our laughter. A lewd anecdote’s the chase. On through the vapory heather! And there at banter’s edge the city looks at us sidelong with great eyes—lifts to its lips heavenly milk! Lucina, O Lucina! beneficent cow, how have we offended thee?


     Hilariously happy because of some obscure wine of the fancy which they have drunk four rollicking companions take delight in the thought that they have thus evaded the stringent laws of the county. Seeing the distant city bathed in moonlight and staring seriously at them they liken the moon to a cow and its light to milk.


  1. A caravan doesn't symbolize or represent anything

    maybe - maybe not

    Caravan - Utopia - Live in Japan 1992

    Moses went into the desert
    Moses came back with the law
    Jesus went into the desert
    God only knows what he saw
    Hitch up your ass and your camel
    Fill up your skin at the well
    Roll up your tent, whisper your prayers
    Are you ready to ride through hell
    moving through the night
    sleeping in the light of day
    spinning through the void
    on our way to anywhere
    time is just a joke
    change is all we understand
    life is a mirage,
    only a mirage
    dancing on the desert sand


  2. You've goat to be kidding me with that header!!1!