Tuesday, December 31, 2013

lonely as the red noses of four clowns thrust up through snow, or: Fifty-Four Today

Westerberg is 54 today, above requested by Mr Abonilox. I confess the Mats haven't aged as well for me (or me for them) (and there is a Beatles' affect; I don't need to hear the Mats, I can listen to them in my head anytime I want, often when I don't) as Westerberg's solo music, so solo music today.

  • The Goat will be back whenever I feel like it, don't worry (or do worry, your choice). I actually backed the green blog up in case the reboot didn't work so I wasn't risking much, but very nice to have a dashboard that works, expect lots more fucking around, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and I realize you're the one who will suffer for it, I appreciate your forbearance, understand your lack of it too.
  • I didn't forget the daily Maqroll precept, I forgot to put the book in my backpack last night and it's sitting on my desk at work.
  • DC United will have a new stadium before the Washington Racial Slurs win another Super Bowl as long as they're owned by Puny DaiMon Snyder and DC United will never have a new stadium, Fuck Me Jig.
  • Anybody! Photoshop me Puny DaiMon Snyder into a Ferenghi, I'll send you $20 to buy your favorite beverage(s).
  • Speaking of motherfucking oligarchs, $6 billion over the next ten years is pocket change to the motherfuckers who own NFL teams, who rule the world. Adding, consider that if the oligarchs are happy to chisel benefits from those who protect their power, imagine what they've planned for those they consider leaches.
  • Kidding. They consider those who protect their power leaches too.
  • Oligarchs love Sioux Falls South Dakota!
  • A goodbye to teaching.
  • On childhood and parenting.

  • When Saturday Comes' best and worse of English soccer part one.
  • When Saturday Come's best and worse of English soccer part two.
  • The top 5 ideological practices reinforced by end-of-the-year "Best Of" lists!!! via Edmond via twitter:
  1. The fashion-system (obsession w/ small differences in context of a large but unremarked sameness; the importance of being “up-to-date).
  2. The star-system (which items are common to most lists? which item will “win”?).
  3. Construction of social and personal identity as the sum of market choices.
  4. Manifest populism (Anyone can do it – it’s fun! Who’s on your list? Here's mine! etc).
  5. Latent elitism (The last word always really goes to the cultural arbiters & gatekeepers).
  • The Past. Tom's latest. 
  • Reminder: back-up to this blog is in mosaic.
  • WFMU's Liz Berg has 99 good free songs you can download.
  • Live Julianna Barwick (one of her songs make overnight appearances here occasionally as soundtrack to a Planet video posted when I need to).


Tom Raworth

lonely as four cherries on a tree
at night, new moon, wet roads
a moth or a snowflake
whipping past glass
lonely as the red noses of four clowns
thrust up through snow
their shine four whitened panes
drawn from imagined memory
lonely as no other lives
touching to recorded water
all objects stare
their memories aware
lonely as pain
recoiling from itself
imagining the cherries
and roses reaching out


  1. I wasn't a Replacements fan. Still not. But a guy loaned me some Westerberg CD's about ten years ago and they remain in rotation on my now nearly static collection of music. My younger daughter and I used to sing "Mr. Rabbit" a lot in the car when she was little. Brings back nice memories.

    Thanks for a great year (blogwise) BDR. It remains a (near) daily necessity. Blog as Art.

    Here's wishing one and all a great 2014.