Thursday, January 9, 2014

It Could Lift Us into the Clouds Where We Would Have to Wait Until We Became the Center of a Raindrop

  • Earthgirl is in the Bahamas painting, the above is a beginning to a new one. 
  • 2030 is the new 2012.
  • Tone is the tool of the oppressor.
  • On the above.
  • 500 years of mass spying, or: of course it's about crushing dissent, adding,
  • Bleggalgaze: I don't post many links on panopticon's exponentially expanding power anymore because duh. It still feels necessary to me to post the occasional duh for futility's sake squared because duh, panopticon always wins, he finishes the sentence and plunges publish.
  • Cancel versus postpone.
  • This week in water.
  • Fergie Time! on Sir Alex's autobiography. 
  • Another Knausgård convert, of sorts. I've tried, I don't get it, and that's perfectly OK.
  • The seduction of metaphor.
  • Wound Man.
  • Thomas Hardy's Snow in the Suburbs, with photos.
  • Brad and Charlie, your Maqroll's are in the mail. And Brad, on your review I bought the new New York Review of Books editions of Adler's Speedboat and Pitch Dark, starting Speedboat tonight. Beautiful books, NYRB books are gorgeously made (and Maqroll is one). 
  • Prunella's latest playlist.
  • My favorite perk of working in a library: found all of these on a new book cart this morning:


Tom Hennen

How long the rain falls. It throws itself from the black sky wrapped around a tiny piece of dirt. The trees shake their leaves with a sound like wet glass breaking. Light from the window is smeared against the night. To the spring wind we are nothing but dust if could carry off if it wanted. It could lift us into the clouds where we would have to wait until we became the center of a raindrop, and then, some dark day, we would leap toward earth and the roof of a well lit house.


  1. Oh, yeah, Two-Headed Dog. Thanks, bdr!!

    1. Feel asleep listening to Erickson, woke up with that song in my head, thus and etc....

      Earthgirl's back Monday night, let's get together next week....