Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sixty-Seven Today

Bowie is sixty-seven today and that is easily the Bowie song I've air-guitared most and I've air-guitared plenty of Bowie songs (TVC-15 is second) and Red Sails is probably one of the five and certainly one of my dozen most air-guitared songs ever. The Hinterland, the Hinterland, we're gonna sail to the Hinterland, it's so far far far-far far far-far-far away it's so far far da-da-da-da-DA-da dadada. Three-four. People can vouch. I twoot-solicited Bowie requests but only friend and Potters fan Jamie responded. Let me know if you want to add a song.

Via Landru:

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Ethan offers the below and a full concert here.

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  1. Gotta' be 'Queen Bitch' for me. Or 'Suffragette City'. Esp. when it comes to air guitaring.

    Okay, so I'm stuck in a 70s vibe. Well, so is Colorado and Washington state. So there.

    Maybe, too, 'John, I'm Only Dancing'. And 'Rebel, Rebel'.

    Saw the White Duke in '74 in G'boro, one of the hundred or so five greatest nights of my life. Oh wait, that's your line. Heh.

  2. Finally, music we can agree on. It's lovely.

  3. the bowie song i go back to most often is 'let's dance'

    for fear tonight is all

    i saw the 'serious moonlight' tour in buffalo - the backup singers, performing several numbers before bowie made his entrance, were very annoyed with the crowd because some kept calling for the main attraction instead of simply enjoying the show - to insult us, they said, sarcastically, 'thank you, baltimore'