Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Interior Cavities Brimming with Snow

When I paid off my DC United season tickets Monday I was encouraged to please attend the annual Winter Season Ticket Holder Event, this year this Saturday from 2PM-5PM at the new hipster bowling alley Pinstripes in Georgetown. It's not my kind of thing, I said (I've had season tickets for more than a dozen years, I've never attended a single Season Ticket Holder event though I have used the lounge at RFK only season ticket holders can use). I then asked, Is there any news about a new shirt sponsor? (VW didn't renew its contract.) There's a big kit announcement at the event, an unveiling, a big deal. So they do have a new sponsor, I asked. I'm not sure about that, he said, but I think there's a new kit with a new template. Here's a photo of a leaked tease - I can't save it to post it - I sure hope that's on the pants and not the crest on the shirt, cause if yes, the fuckity.

I used to post a recap after every DCU game. Not gonna happen this year, don't worry, there may be some, it certainly won't be all. I used to post a lot more about soccer than I do now. Don't worry, it will not ever be again as much as once. I can't imagine my attempts to rekindle my affair with soccer will succeed but if I get halfway there I'll be happy. Hey! Peter Gabriel is 64 today!

  • Last year I wrote that Gabriel's music had stalled for me, but this year the love is back. See the tie-in with the soccer, hmm, hmm? Here is My Standard Sentence for Gabriel's birthday: I say this every February 13, the November 14, 1982 Peter Gabriel concert at the Warner Theater, holyfuck, one of the best nights of my life. I passed him forward on his wave back to the stage.
  • It needs saying: Fuck snow. Though fortunately I have a wife who likes shoveling snow, all I need do is make her breakfast, an excellent deal.
  • Let's keep talking about Stuart Hall
  • Who cares about history?
  • Onto-cartographical hope springs eternal!
  • Wittgenstein's happy world. Tom's latest.
  • Someone's favorite Dickinson poem. Despite honest efforts, this has not turned into the year I read Dickinson, at least not yet.
  • Last night's post of new Sun Kil Moon songs (in case you're linking in to this post not the main page).
  • Poetry's complex pleasure principle.
  • Yes, for me, my Gabriel are the great first four solo albums, Car, Melt, Scratch, Security. Richard (who recommends this) made a case for So last night on twitter, there are great songs on So (and some truly awful songs), the below, his homage to Anne Sexton, is one of my favorite Gabriel songs.



John Lau

Come live with me
And we will sit

Upon the rocks
By shallow rivers

Come live with me
And we will plant acorns

In each other's mouth
It would be our way

Of greeting the earth
Before it shoves us

Back into the snow
Our interior cavities

Brimming with
Disagreeable substances

Come live with me
Before winter stops

To use the only pillow
The sky ever sleeps on

Our interior cavities
Brimming with snow

Come live with me
Before spring

Swallows the air
And birds sing


  1. No snow in Columbus!

    And it's up to 34 Degrees!!!

    I think I'll put on shorts and flip-flops and go for a stroll.

  2. Thanks for the brazen self-blogwhoring. I wouldn't have found my way to the new SKM songs.

    PG's videos were always so innovative.

  3. in..for a moment .. of snow .. past .. , and of the poem ,and of peter .. .

  4. oh..wait ..i'm feeling the upper east side ..the snow is back .. .