Friday, February 14, 2014

Sand and Snow-Capped Waves

Indulge the aargh and motherfucking vile mood by deploying this in multiple guises or lazyass blogging with lazyass snow theme. Best lazyass blogging and lazyass snow theme. Aargh and motherfucking vile mood later, or not, and probably not here but there. No, the poem will not be Stevens' Snowman, I know you think you know how I think, this sentence proves you're only part right. Click tags Beefheart, Kees, Galaxie 500 for more of each.

Also too, activating the Momcat Alert System. We haven't seen her since the storm.

UPDATE! Drove Earthgirl's car to shop for service, restocked at Safeway, just got home, deactivating the Momcat Alert System, it's uncanny and spooky how it works, it's a good thing.

UPDATE! That reduces some of the aargh, as does getting the car to shop, but can't concentrate to read either Deronda or Miss MacIntosh or more Kees, so have last night's and now's linkages:


Weldon Kees

A day all blue and white, and we
Came out of woods to sand
And snow-capped waves. The sea
Rose with us as we walked, the land
Built dunes, a lighthouse, and a sky of gulls.

Here where I built my life ten years ago,
The day breaks gray and cold;
And brown surf, muddying the shore,
Deposits fish-heads, sewage, rusted tin.
Children and men break bottles on the stones.
Beyond the lighthouse, black against the sky,
Two gulls are circling where the woods begin.


  1. the birds

    Two gulls are circling

    here in upper gaithersburg we get the occasional gull, but the two birds we have lots of are geese, of course, and now even more so this winter than previous ones, crows crows crows

  2. Depending on its quality, tomorrow I will provide a 30 second video of a squadron of hungry robins descending on a holly bush next to our dining room. I guessing about 50 or 60 stripped a large healthy berry heavy holly of every red berry in about ten minutes.

  3. Stanchion porn works for me. Do the Weldon Kees, thang. After Trout Mask Replica, hit some Bat Chain Puller.