Sunday, March 9, 2014

We Stopped for Corn, Just Picked, and Plums and Kale

I hadn't looked ahead on the birthday schedule when I posted a John Cale cascade this past Monday. Lucky you, lucky me. He's seventy-two today. Here's one of my ten most air-guitared songs ever:


Berwyn Moore

The day we picked our daughter up from camp,   
goldenrod lined the road, towheaded scouts   
bowing on both sides, the parting of macadam   
as we drove, the fields dry, the sky lacy with clouds.   
A farmer waved.  A horse shrugged its haughty head.   
We stopped for corn, just picked, and plums and kale,   
sampled pies, still warm, and tarts and honeyed bread.   
Sheets on a line ballooned out like a ship’s sail.   
Time stopped in those miles before we saw her.   
For eight days we hadn’t tucked her in or brushed   
her hair or watched her grow, the week a busy blur   
of grown-up bliss.  It came anyway, that uprush   
of fear—because somewhere a child was dead:   
at a market, a subway, a school, in a lunatic’s bed.


  1. Suspect Olsen's fate is tied to the stadium deal. If concrete progress is made (as in concrete being poured) then Olsen is gone as there is a real future to build. If the stadium flounders or is outright killed, Olsen will finish out the season and his contract--sunk costs and all that--while the owners find a new home.

    1. You may be right, though I do wonder if there's ownership concern about attendance and how that affects new stadium effort. Be easier to sell a new stadium if RFK average 17K (which it might be with an attractive product) rather than 11K (which it will be if 2014-suck is 2013-suck redux).

  2. Atlanta is hot for an MLS team. Got some empty stadia to boot. 70K + showed up for a Mexico/Nigeria friendly last week. You'd better get your fandom energized or, barring expansion, there could be some wholesale moving.