Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Then Up and Pipes the Major, Leave the Hand In or Change the Vows

  • For her loved ones who didn't see it last night, here's Planet's hand working on a final art project, photo taken by her friend E, who has the same first name as one of Planet's loved ones.
  • Help please. I am looking for word combinations made up of the exact same letters. Adobe/abode. Destiny/density. Preserve/perverse. Please and thanks.
  • How many have we killed? Here is the telling sentence: International law acknowledges that killing is not always illegal or wrong, and that a government has the authority to do so as a last resort in genuine self-defense.
  • Building a case for self-defense.
  • The lunatic fringe that rules the West: The behavior exhibited by Western leaders, especially since the launching of the Terror War -- and especially in the Anglo-American alliance -- would be regarded as criminally insane by any dispassionate diagnosis. This is seen in large matters -- such as the hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered in their criminal aggression in Iraq -- and in small matters. For example, a story in the Guardian this week related how the courageous statesfolk in the U.S. Senate once again kowtowed to their masters in the National Security apparat, and removed a very mild requirement that the United States government issue an annual report telling us how many civilians it killed with its drone-assassination programs the previous year. No dice, said the security archons -- and the Senate said, OK, boss!
  • Technocapitalism: Time, Value, and Labor.
  • Fucked-up America.

  • People lined up this morning in torrential rain to see Bill Clinton speak at Hilltop. Those at the front of the line have been there since Tuesday morning. The line goes down the hill to the left.
  • No fences in valley. Frances checks in from New Mexico.
  • Is this your homework, Larry?
  • Rothenberg's complete Airplane Poems.
  • Canetti's Auto da Fe. This should give Jim a chance to rerun some blogposts.
  • Prunella's latest playlist.
  • Yes, the Mick Turner below the poem, I've posted it before, his Don't Tell the Driver is my most listened to album of the past year, it gets better each time.
  • Piano smashing. I've posted all eleven parts of this in one post, today just have part five, head over to youtube for the other ten parts.


John Ashbery

Furthermore, Mr. Tuttle used to have to run in the streets.   
Now, each time friendship happens, they’re fully booked.   
Sporting with amaryllis in the shade is all fine and good,   
but when your sparring partner gets there first   
you wonder if it was all worth it. “Yes, why do it?”   
I’m on hold. It will take quite a lot for this music   
to grow on me. I meant no harm. I’ve helped him   
from getting stuck before. Dumb thing. All my appetites are friendly.   
Children too are free to go and come as they please.   
I ask you only to choose between us, then shut down this election.   
But don’t reveal too much of your hand at any given time.   
Then up and pipes the major, leave the hand in,   
or change the vows. The bold, enduring menace of courtship is upon us   
like the plague, and none of us can say what trouble   
will be precipitated once it has had its way with us.   
Our home is marshland. After dinner was wraparound.   
You got a tender little look at it.   

Outside, it never did turn golden.


  1. Anagram finders will help provide examples. Here's a few:

    death/hated & dearth/hatred/thread

    And here's a fairly comprehensive list:

  2. If only German were allowed: amok/koma is a fave.

    1. Any language is allowed! Thanks! Um, do they mean what I think they mean? As in Spock almost went into a coma during Amok Time?

    2. Indeed! And a handsomely arcane demonstration of their contrapuntal coexistence!

  3. The lunatic fringe that rules the West:

    Obama is in charge now, so shut up emo-proggie


    Type in any word or set of words and it will produce a fairly comprehensive list of anagrams. Do I win the internet?

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Wish I'd had that graphic when I spent so many posts getting my head around Canetti.