Monday, May 19, 2014

maintain household bear

  • DCU new stadium: as Fuck-Me-Jig moves closer to reality, will I still be giving enough of a damn in 2017 to jig?
  • Household NamesResponding to the latest iteration of the perennial argument that "the novel is dead," David Ulin appropriately dismisses the notion that the "literary novel," now in its death throes, was still culturally healthy as recently as the 1980s. (Maybe I just missed that while I was otherwise diverting myself in graduate school.) But Ulin just redates literary fiction's last period of cultural relevance: "for me, you have to go back to 1950s, or even earlier--Fitzgerald and Hemingway in the 1920s and 1930s, not only novelists but also household names." This is a myth. Fitzgerald and Hemingway were not household names, although Hemingway did because of his extra-literary activities manage to become better known than almost any other serious American writer of the 20th century. Hemingway was an outlier, however. Fitzgerald's first book was popular, but his subsequent books were much less so, and by the time of his death he was almost forgotten. (The Great Gatsby was a commercial failure and was by no means universally praised by critics.) Our romanticizing of "Paris in the 20s" obscures the fact that at the time, American culture at large was indifferent to the whole thing.
  • So when I saw Daniel's post's title I of course thought of the band Household Names. I highly recommend their album Great American Public. Could only find three of their songs but thankfully I knew there was the Stereolab song called Household Names.
  • Which begs the oft-asked question: why the hell isn't there more Stereolab on this shitty blog?
  • Today is Joey Ramone's and Pete Townsend's birthday. Somewhere, buried beneath boxes, are Ramones and Who albums, unlistened to for more than a decade at the very least.
  • Prunella's latest playlist.

[accumulation of land]

Myung Mi Kim

accumulation of land              maintain household bear      labor of house child

cooking reserve line               belonging to                        elaborate isolation

familias implements               enemies captured in war      bearing child rearing

production heirs number         and rear household             family contains

counting herds possessions     fellow feeling crude             isolate care

family contains in germ          bearing rearing                   accumulation of land

implements of production       cooking reserve line of        the number belonging

counting possessions              heirs                                  the captured

isolated                                 household bear                  rear heirs

feeling crude                         belonging to                       fellow feeling crude


  1. Pete Townshend - Eminence Front (live in New York)

  2. About the firing of the editress of the NY Times: I heard she used to berate people in public. What goes around comes around.