Saturday, May 3, 2014

They Debate and Obey

This week in both Futile Weekend Blegging and Lazyass Weekend Blegging: As I type this Friday evening eightish Eastern Daylight Time a debate is taking place between major asshole Alan Dershowitz, major grifter Glenn Greenwald, and major war criminal Mike Hayden. Twitter's abuzz.  Let President Barack Obama explain how this works:

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said Friday that there were still significant differences between Germany and the United States over the issue of surveillance, and warned that it was too soon to return to “business as usual” between the two allies.

At a joint news conference at the White House, both Ms. Merkel and President Obama addressed the tensions between the two countries caused by the disclosure last October that the National Security Agency had eavesdropped on Ms. Merkel’s phone calls. At the time, Ms. Merkel said that “spying between friends is simply unacceptable,” and that there had been a breach of trust that would have to be repaired.

Speaking in the Rose Garden after a meeting with Mr. Obama, Ms. Merkel said that “we have a few difficulties still to overcome,” noting in particular a difference “on the issue of proportionality.”

Mr. Obama, trying to put a good face on the situation, said, “We have gone a long way to closing some of the gaps, but as Chancellor Merkel said, there are some gaps that need to be worked through.”

“These are complicated issues,” the president said, as he looked over at Ms. Merkel. “We’re not perfectly aligned yet, but we share the same values, and we share the same concerns.”

“Angela Merkel is one of my closest friends on the world stage, somebody whose partnership I deeply value,” Mr. Obama said. “It has pained me to see the degree to which the Snowden disclosures have created strains in the relationship.”

Leader of the Free World, motherfuckers, assigning responsibility for his assholosity, showing how Snowden still works for him. While I still need circle jerk, there're reasons I don't circle jerk like I used to. And I agree: it's been far too long since I posted The Knife.


Anthony Madrid

The unit of wine is the cup. Of Love, the unit is the kiss. That’s here.
In Hell, the units are the gallon and the fuck. In Paradise, the drop and the glance.

Ants are my hero. They debate and obey. They can sit at a table for
Eight hours, drawing. They spot out the under-theorized . . .

Have some. For they are as abundant here as the flecks of mica in the Iowa night sky.
What are twenty-sided dishes of fancy almonds? What use jewels?

He is Kālidāsa. You are nothing. Or rather, you’re a tray of stainless steel cones.
Meanwhile, one opens Kumārasambhava to rainbow-colored crystals pointing every which way.

Nice try. You’re a tank-builder but you refuse to build tanks. And so now you are to be watched over
By three heckling birds, evilly named, discomfiting to children.

¡Fijate! you’re to be watched by three fowl, commonplace in Florida. Even these
Three hearty objectionables: the blue tit, the woodpecker, and the swampcunt.

I’m one to talk. I’m so twisted up, my only hope is Salena. My physical therapist,
With the eyes of Athena, and the hands of a destroying eagle.


  1. for when you come back home from sheep and on foot , as i was looking at the cross dressing.. dancing up to , a song was playing in the back of my mind, i've remembered what it is .. band of joy, sil ver rider , like a knife , does anyone know more about that song ? i must know .. of someth. ..of what about , of clouds ,now go'ld

    1. wait i didn't ask that the way i meant to , was distracted by obama the great .. , the question ,of low's song ,the cover art of .. the clouds? ..anyth., any one .. mormony , come on e ver y bod ..y lets all slow s i n g toge ther ,

  2. I think I see you twerking up on top of the bldg