Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Moment of Intrusion

Another place lamely explains this post better than this post lamely explains itself. Hiatus bluff of a different sort than the normal hiatus bluff - this is not a bleggalgaze - but probably just as empty.

56 (from 100 NOTES ON VIOLENCE)

Julie Carr

I am a sick man. I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man. I believe my liver is diseased.
Actually, he, Alexander, was innocent. Wasn't he? (Acker)
We know he was made, like all of us, from a moment of sexual intention.
I want a horse, but I am a horse.
Or intrusion. A moment of intrusion.
I am a sick man. A spiteful man.
"Where have you been, sister?" "Killing swine." (Macbeth)

A man and his family are driving to a vacation spot. Once a write, now an insurance broker with two kids in the back, wife beside him, map open on her lap. It's hot. They stop at a gas station so the kids can pee, the wife can buy some gum. Gas up. In the gas station bathroom the man catches another man's face in the mirror. For a moment his heart pounds. Something like desire. But this passes. The man is someone he knew in college. Not possible! It is! And the grin, almost embrace. How are you? What are you doing? Etc. The man walks his friend to the car, introduces him to his wife and kids. The kids take little notice. The wife smiles, but seems impatient. It is decided the man will follow along in his car, will join the family for dinner when they arrive at their destination. During the three-hour's drive, the first man tells his wife all about this friend: antics, parties. Why, she thinks, have I never heard of this man before? As evening falls, they arrive at the hotel - old and worn-down, concrete and carpet - not far from the North Carolina coastline. Dump their bags in the room, kids jump beds, they head down to the restaurant where the friend is waiting for them. He smiles and rises when they ---


  1. they arrive at the hotel....they head down to the restaurant

    missus charley and i went to a hotel restaurant last night - the sheraton in downtown silver spring - the restaurant 'mica' - same name as a place in chestnut hill, pa, 'one of america's top ten new restaurants - GQ' - but apparently no connection

    it turned out that on tuesday night the 'restaurant' part of the mica restaurant and lounge was closed, so we ate in the lounge area - with good view of a large tv playing the russia-korea game from brazil

    we had the portebello burgers - tasty

    we were in the neighborhood for a political meeting that evening within easy walking distance of the sheraton - the county executive candidates were there, including even the republican - his accent reminds missus charley of woody allen, while he lived in new york he prosecuted 'son of sam killer' david berkowitz, he wants to privatize the county's liquor stores

    as we drove home spouse and self agreed we had no way of knowing which of the three democratic candidates would be the best county executive for the next four years

  2. thought a little about mr. spiritualized coming through town here ,thought about in the last few days , don't know him really even though we are around the same age , but i noted that he was coming through thought about a little ,wondering about what he was all about /wondering now about your playing here. / of shake speare, i said to someone as we were walking through the park a few days ago and they made some gesture towards the stage setting up for .. ,i said ,i don't like shakes (sh' says aloud ) , too grime no light are his tellings on the behaving of others , life is swine hard enough with out , .. walk on by .. . / the mum a reminder of a different tell, of sad tellings but with light , .. .

  3. Feel better.
    Be better.

    Be better.
    Feel better.

    Better feel. Better be.
    Better be. Better feel.