Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Predict a Fiasco - and a Fiasco with Catcalls


Keith Waldrop

Afterward, to tell how it was possible to
identify absolute space, a matter of great
difficulty, keeping in mind always
that not all old music is beautiful and
therefore it’s necessary to choose. Ice
loading and unloading as the ice caps
wax and wither. Brutal and uncouth from the beginning
even unto time, space, place, motion.

How are we to obtain true motion? I
predict a fiasco—and a fiasco
with catcalls. Wind circulation in the
case of plants, predators in the case
of animals, affecting their distribution on
the ancient land masses. And
who will conduct the chorus and
orchestra? Many things exist at once.

Predilection and preference. Begin
with the storm. A very agile, beautiful
voice. With tremendous temperament. The earth’s
magnetic field weakening. Even the princess
is drawn into the violence of the action,
extremes of joy, mad ravings, almost
requiring the conventions of opera. Thus,
thus; we parted, thus to meet again.

Thus in a ship, under sail, since the sun
itself is moving, supposing Infinite
Space to be (as it were) Sensorium
of the Omnipresent. Reduced to a
few feet of ground, we begin with great
delight to plant a garden. The Czar is in
that garden. Quiet eruptions, safe enough to attract
tourists. We suppose other bodies annihilated.

Upon any conditions supposed, taught to describe
accurately, I detest everything that smells
of theory. If we look at similar
coral reefs, the past location of the same
precise environment can be traced. But
there the comparison breaks. And from these
relative motions will arise the relative
motion of a body on the earth.


  1. I think, after years of watching this, that liberals have just been convinced that liberalism doesn’t work.

    That's not what I think is happening. It's more the case that the Democratic party is completely controlled by people who want the corporate graft. The purpose of slightly-less-evilism is to prevent anything better, and that is working for the people who invested in it.

    1. Gore Vidal — 'There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.'

  2. how come I'm only just learning about Hollowtide? My rube.

  3. Sperm-inspired robots controlled by Magnetic Fields. Well, aren't we all?
    Not me, thanks to this tin-foil hat!

    1. As for Breton and Soupault, they do not so much control me as just provide the occasional suggestion.