Thursday, June 5, 2014

We Crave Attention, Then Come Over All Coy

For those of you following along, here's Earthgirl's knee last night. (Background here for those who, um, need). The bruise is growing, larger and more colorful. There will not be a ten mile hike this weekend.

I've mentioned this before: my first love was baseball. After a bitterly delicious apostasy in the mid-90s (shouldn't all apostasies be delicious in their bitterness?) I've let baseball back in a few innings at a time though I'll never give my heart again. Still, RIP Don Zimmer, who embodied the wondrous daydream of the baseball-lifer and was a major character in baseball when baseball was part of my daily life. We had dinner with Hamster last night (who, along with Landru, took me to an Oriole game at Memorial, an 8-5 loss to the Washington Senators Texas Rangers, for my stag-party). He and Planet and I are going to try and get to a Nats game, perhaps as early as the next homestand (I didn't hear about Zimmer's death until this morning, Serendipity be great). Other Mocomofos and Bawlmer hons encouraged to join us.

I only link-fished friends this morning for new posts

otherwise have two songs (fell asleep listening to Stephan Mathieu) and a poem (fell asleep reading Mark Ford, whose name I mention here since the poem's title is the beginning of a sentence, whose poetry I am overwhelmingly pleased to have just discovered, who has just been given his own tag, there will be more here):


attention, then come over all coy, and start fiddling
with watchstrap and buttons, or talking about a friend
of a friend who claims to own the world's largest collection
of aquarium ornaments, yet has no aquarium. In the mean-
time the tough-minded argue each of us is loved not
so much for his or her oddities, as in spite of them, or even
faute de mieux! Families form, squabble on long
car journeys, invent nicknames for strangers; the tires hum
their own tune, and in shimmering forecourts
the baked atmosphere presses from all sides, searing
the lungs. We commend, internally, the wisdom of the soft-
voiced tycoon who acquired the land, only
to flatten it, then skilfully divide it into distinct
yet related lots; a spongy layer of wood-chips lines
the criss-crossing paths, and whispers faintly underneath.

As it was drummed into me, I would drum it
into others: the art or science of management never
pauses, though it occasionally lies low, or enacts
retreat like a Parthian archer. Invariably, speed and stealth
take advantage of the famous, non-existent 'margin' poor
Herbert Pocket kept urging upon Pip; a sound decisive
as the whirr and double click of a computer mouse
signals the arrival of the inner bailiffs, and an era
of thrift. Listen harder, and through the virtual prison-bars
comes swarming the buzz of creditors and debtors over
lunch, each pledging allegiance to the other, to knowledge,
to the mysteries of living on this air....


  1. say wow , bruising , /i hope that e'rth girl is drawing ,taking notes in drawing ,of her bruises as they go , i draw all of mine , wounds , part of living and drawing , it's part of my being a political drawing person at a in the streets leveling , on foot, little bit of wording with , / what does the mysteries.. hamster.. , who keeps commenting on some pleasure in reading my comments to you on your post , do for a living ? too much mystery .. . / and of all this mention of crave .. all the time , may be why you and charley do what you do, but i'm here ,as i was /am at other places near here , for balancing .. . ,

    1. sh' puts ham ster back in to jeff's pocket/hamlet .. .

  2. "odd, i have thoughts of indifference,likely different than yours , as i walk in the evenings now warmer staring at length at the light lamped trees blow sweet away ", of someone's poem there ,my comment on .. .

  3. Ouch! So sorry to hear about EG. Get better, girl!

    A[wo]men to the Zimmer eulogy. Yes, the bb life. Me, bb was my first love, too. When the Milwaukee club (ex of Beantown) relocated to ATL in the 60s. Reignited when my boys chose to play in LL and Pony and HS and I indulged my fantasy of coaching, throwing bp, hitting fungoes.