Sunday, August 3, 2014

Don't Try to Talk If You Don't Have To. You Must Admit There Is No Audience. Everything Is Done For You.


Kevin Young

       Mudd Club 4th floor gallery
       Manhattan, April 1981

If you bomb
the IND
or tag the 2

dousing it in tribal

shrapnel, you're it
—the shit—
If you can lie

between the rails
—Please Stand
Clear the Closing—

or press yourselves
betw. train
& the wall

spray can rattling
like a tooth—The roof

the roof

the roof is on

the 6 will whistle

past, swinging
like a night stick—
Officer Pup throwing

a brick
@ that Mouse
Ignatz, in love—

you'll have found
risk. A calling—

Crash, Daze, Pray
covering trains
like cave paintings,

avoiding the German
while the cars sit

in the yards
—what no one else in this
city owns. Making

their names
known—Dondi, Boy-
5, B-Sirius, Crazy

Legs, Coolie C—
The city clears
its throat

the subway shaking
the buildings above—
We don't need

no water let
the motherfucker

burn— Futura 2000,

Phase II, Quick
& Sex & Zephyr
& Lady Pink—

Fab 5 Freddy
(n� Braithwaite)
saying everyone's

a star. "Rapture"—

the whole planet's in
on it—Chilly Most
Being the Host Coast

to Coast—Freddy's painted
Campbell's Soup Cans that read
DADA & POP instead

of beef barley—
the UFO has landed
& a brother's

stepped out, alien, dressed
in white. Then when

there's no more cars

he goes out at night

& eats up bars
graffiti like 3 card monte—

running, avoiding the pigs
like a black muslim
bean pie. DJ spinning

says my my.
Pay attn.—
say, ain't that

Basquiat spinning

disks behind Blondie—

45s stacked high
as a Dag-
wood sammich?

Hungry, this B-
boy's headed
to the top—Yes

Yes y'all
You don't stop—
blowing up.


Jack Spicer

zeus: It is to be assumed that I do not exist while most people in the vision assume that I do exist. This is to be one of the extents of meaning between the players and the audience. I have to talk like this because I am the lord of both kinds of sky—and I don't mean your sky and their sky because they are signs, I mean the bright sky and the burning sky. I have no intention of showing you my limits. The players in this poem are players. They have taken their parts not to deceive you [or me for that matter] but because they have been paid in love or coin to be players. I have known for a long time that there is not a fourth wall in a play. I am called Zeus and I know this.

thersites: [Running out on the construction of the stage.] The fourth wall is not as important as you think it is.

zeus: [Disturbed but carrying it off like a good Master of Ceremonial.] Thersites is involuntary. [He puts his arm around him.] I could not play a part if I were not a player.
thersites: Reveal yourself to me and don't pretend that there are people watching you. I am alone on the stage with you. Tell me the plot of the play.

zeus: [Standing away.] Don't try to talk if you don't have to. You must admit there is no audience. Everything is done for you.

thersites: Stop repeating yourself. You old motherfucker. Your skies are bad enough. [He looks to the ground.] A parody is better than a pun.

zeus: I do not understand your language.

[They are silent together for a moment and then the curtain drops.]

*       *       *

And if he dies on this road throw wild blackberries at his ghost
And if he doesn't, and he won't, hope the cost
Hope the cost.

And the tenor of the what meets the why at the edge
Like a backwards image of each terror's lodge
Each terror's lodge.

And if he cries put his heart out with a lantern's goat
Where they say all passages to pay the debt
The lighted yet.

*       *       *

The focus sing
Is not their business. Their backs lay
By not altogether being there.
Here and there in swamps and villages.
How doth the silly crocodile
Amuse the Muse

*       *       *

And in the skyey march of flesh
That boundary line where no body is
Preserve us, lord, from aches and harms
And bring my death.

Both air and water rattle there
And mud and fire
Preserve us, lord, from what would share a shroud
and bring my death.

A vagrant bird flies to the glossy limbs
The battlefield has harms. The trees have half
Their branches shot away. Preserve us, lord
From hair and mud and flesh.

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