Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exactly One Year Ago from the Timestamp of This Post I Was Seeing Pere Ubu at Rock and Roll Hotel on H St in DC w/Earthgirl, Hamster, Mr Alarum & Richard

OK, the story about Serendipity and Elkin quotes was true, but I confess I actually got the new Pere Ubu album Monday night, not last night, and waited for today to post about the new album until today because I knew that a year ago today, this minute, I was seeing Pere Ubu in DC. Actually, a year ago this minute David Thomas was on stage in DC and Gagarin was working his electronics somewhere in Europe. The above song I youtubed, please note, has been this shitty blog's Theme Song Number Two from the blog's Day One. It was one of dozen's of my five favorite nights of my life. Here's the song Ubu opened the show with: