Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sixty-Nine Today

The traditional Egoslavian birthday post for Divine:

Divine was born sixty-nine years ago today. I was twenty-two when Polyester was released. No doubt I'm romanticizing significance, but these movies were buzzworthy once for margins they crossed, or so it seemed to us at the midnight showings. That self-aggrandizing assertion offered to justify my iconography of Glenn Milstead. We also enjoyed playing Where the fuck is that in Baltimore? when watching the movies. Plus they remind me of a distinct segment of my life when I was Bawlmer-centric. Plus: nostalgia for what was one outrageous, now old.

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  1. i am a former resident of ballmer - now, my abode is in the greater gaithersburg area

    speaking about ball-less, as the boy in the poem in the previous post was, while driving around the greater gaithersburg area this week i saw a ball in the gutter, and wondered how it came about that it was abandoned - one might suppose that a child or children playing with such a ball would retrieve it if this were feasible, and yet this had not happened

    perhaps the ball had been taken from those it belonged to, and then carelessly left elsewhere in a place unknown to them, by a perpetrator unconcerned with their feelings or even maliciously motivated towards them

    tragic current events analogies abound