Monday, October 20, 2014

I Saw Nobody Coming, So I Went Instead

Yes, I know the blog loads slower than ever. Since I'm posting more music than ever that means more youtubes and youtubes slow the blog loading. I thought, why not take every youtube that isn't the first youtube of a post on every post and replace the embed with a simple link two days after the initial posting date? Do youtubes on archived posts slow the blog loading? Once a post disappears from the front page, do archived youtubes impact the loading of the front page? There are some major High Egoslavian Holy Days which will require many youtubes the last third of October (including John Berryman). I just looked at a year ago in archives - I cheat, yo, I don't know most (I know some) of the dates of the Egoslavian Holy Days; I'm not, mostly, obsessive, much - those pages took much longer to load than the slow-loading front page of this blog today. But say that two days after a post I took all that post's youtubes but the one at the top and replaced the embed with a simple link? What time in the blog's slow loading could be saved by spatially crinkling the post's aesthetic design like a can of (I would say cheap but designer beers now come in specially constructed easy-crinkle, light weight alloys to make chic packing it in means packing it out, of these I recommend Mama's Little Yellow Pils) beer. But since the bottom of the bottom post must reach below the Official Seal of Egoslavia at the bottom of the blogroll because I say it has to re: Egoslavian regulations I would need to add so many posts to the front page - or kill the blogrolls, all at once or selectively; but how selectively? kill particular blogrolls? kill people on some? or all blogrolls? - that all the youtubes at the top of all the posts would equal or exceed the number of youtubes that are already slowing loading on the front page. Whatever I decide someone gets fucked, just as much as someone is fucked now plus or minus major insignificance. Is doing nothing a decision based more on the chance that fucking up major is minor, the chance for affecting change for the better more minor still, or the overwhelming odds anything I do won't make a fuck's difference, and is this a moral argument for - not apathy: I've been told that's a disease* - for complicity, or worse, complicity's sake?


John Berryman

Nothin very bad happen to me lately.
How you explain that? —I explain that, Mr Bones,
terms o' your bafflin odd sobriety.
Sober as man can get, no girls, no telephones,
what could happen bad to Mr Bones?
—If life is a handkerchief sandwich,

in a modesty of death I join my father
who dared so long agone leave me.
A bullet on a concrete stoop
close by a smothering southern sea
spreadeagled on an island, by my knee.
—You is from hunger, Mr Bones,

I offers you this handkerchief, now set
your left foot by my right foot,
shoulder to shoulder, all that jazz,
arm in arm, by the beautiful sea,
hum a little, Mr Bones.
—I saw nobody coming, so I went instead.


  1. i like the blogroll - keep those and cut down on the youtubes would be my advice

    as for the slow loading - i just open it and then go on to something else in a new window - after i've looked there i come back here - it's not actually a problem,imho

  2. They have drugs for that, you know.