Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Can Help Choose the Photo That Makes Fleabus the First Official WFMU Mascot Contest!


WFMU is holding a silent marathon to raise money for general operations and sound equipment for their new live music venue; for a $50 donation you can enter your pet in a contest to be the first ever Official WFMU Mascot for a Year. FLEABUS! dammit, it should be FLEABUS! Please watch the above (a compilation of photos taken by my daughter Planet) and tell me which three photos you would recommend I submit. Mind, this isn't a democracy people, it's not a vote, I decide, though I can be persuaded. It's a particular DJs turn to get the donation registered on his widget, I'll be making the donation and contest submission late Sunday evening, you have until then and I'll bump this again for all the good it will do, I know you don't want to do this, but at least maybe a couple of long-timers who have been around here as long as Fleabus, please? Oh, and throw the coins in your pocket at WFMU.


  1. It's hard to pick pictures without numbers, ya know. They go by pretty fast.

    Anyways, fleabus in the hamper has to be one.

  2. Agree w/ Thunder: Fleabus in the Japanese lamp/hamper thingy. Fleabus looking down on the camera with one big bright blue eye that comes right after it. Then Fleabus in the leg triangle at 1:07.

  3. Landru and Planet also vote the hamper, with Planet's vote carrying extra weight since she is, after all, the photographer.

  4. of the photos, with fleab's mouth..seem suited ,like the one between 1:o3 ..1:05 , perfe c t radi o wav e s of .. what ,said wit

  5. my fav. is at about :44, but that is the art ist ex treme of me , just the mou th per ch blur ..

  6. or the ears ,of hear , at : 34, and 1:44

  7. Quite a lot to choose from. I like the others' choices, too.
    In order, I'd pick:
    :49, poised at the stream (get it?)
    1:10 looking at the screen
    and :40, the thumbnail photo

  8. What? Cats on the internet? Wow! What a cool idea! Why didn't anyone think of it before?

    There's no better blogwhoring than cat blogwhoring!