Monday, November 3, 2014

Either I Loved Myself or I Loved You

  • Above, seventy seconds from yesterday. Yes I posted it last night, deleted that post when this one went live, I put it there last night for someone probably not you.
  • Most leaves will be down by next weekend.
  • The Omidyar Insurgency. I confess, the whole Taibbi/Omidyar divorce doesn't interest me as once it would.
  • Tarzie reads the above so you don't have to. I am very appreciative, I only made it a few paragraphs.
  • American Machiavelli.
  • The obamaphile I gratuitously baited last week kept saying Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, you want Ted Cruz to be president? Aren't you afraid of Ted Cruz, he asked. 
  • New Inquiry's Sunday readings.
  • Dave photographed every dead end in Brooklyn.
  • There is no such place as North Bethesda. It's ROCKVILLE.
  • Grouper, for those of you who do (and I know at least one of you does).
  • Fejus Juck, my goddamn free blogging platform is skeevier than normal of late.
  • Are you playing Nanowrimo? I know one person - not me - who is. Have some tips.
  • Peter Hammill birthday in a day or two. Make sure you don't get your requests in for solo or Van der Graaf Generator tunes.
  • Graffiti colour supplement.
  • The biggest side-effect of ebola is every time I hear the word ebola this plays in my head. Was OK the first 24,784 times, but is getting old now.
  • Woke up with This Heat in my head. Click here for more.


Julie Carr

1.   It does not take much

2.   Half an hour here, half an hour there

3.   It’s not a “presence” I adore
4.   The erotically swollen moon
5.   Let me go, friends, companions
6.   The soldier watches his kid in a play
7.   He seems nothing less or more than “foreigner”

8.   Grass. Dirt.

9.   The bottle broke and all the women gathered shards

10. The effect was of inflation

11.  There was only one alive moment in the day

12.  Either I loved myself or I loved you

13.  Just like a mother to say that

14. “Do you become very much?” she wrote

1 comment:

  1. 1).There is no such thing as North Bethesda

    mapquest disagrees

    2)through a combination of circumstances i watched the smurfs movie over the weekend - the character of the wizard's cat surprised me with its prominence - there was a physical resemblance to my own late cat as well - in two words, "exceeded expectations"

    3)julie carr's poem reminds me of roz chast's comic book about her parents' last years, "can't we talk about something more pleasant" - specifically, point 13 reminds me of one of the most fraught moments - roz asks her widowed mother, now ensconced in the nursing home room, "should i stay or should i go?" - the mother replies, "it doesn't matter"