Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Ask Only to Choose Between Us, Then Shut This Election Down

  • Activating the MomCat Emergency Alert System.
  • UPDATE! Works every time.
  • In a typical twitter spasm at hearing some band I hadn't thought about it ages I promised a Bedhead cascade today so thank Baal for twitter spasms. The above has been posted at least a dozen time in this blog's life. It's one of dozens of my five favorite songs ever.
  • Hunger, filth, fear, death: Britain before the Welfare State.
  • Hand to mouth.
  • Units.
  • Earthgirl has not asked me to vote for specific Board of Education candidates so today is the first time since I was eligible to vote in a primary or mid-term general election I will not vote at all. I don't know whether Earthgirl is going to vote. The only thing she has said about the election is - and this is a direct quote - "yabbadabbadoo, I get the day off."
  • Confession: I did check to see if there were any propositions that needed a YES vote, but it's DC, not MOCO, that's voting to legalize weed.
  • Cause Earthgirl has said, if it's legal....
  • Eschewing anarchy for monarchy: the interview.
  • America chooses.
  • The creepy new wave Internet? The Internet’s third wave will be propelled by businesses that are able to rationalize their operations by replacing people with machines, using sensors to simplify distribution patterns and reduce inventories, deploying algorithms that eliminate human error, and so on. Those business savings are crucial to Rifkin’s vision of the Third Industrial Revolution, not simply because they have the potential to bring down the price of consumer goods, but because, for the first time, a central tenet of capitalism—that increased productivity requires increased human labor—will no longer hold. And once productivity is unmoored from labor, he argues, capitalism will not be able to support itself, either ideologically or practically.
  • Uniontown, by way of a book of non-fiction.
  • Bleggalgaze. Bleggalgaze is not a pejorative term, is a positive noun, a positive verb. 
  • I am familiar with the phenomenon explored in the above.
  • Was never love, Bedhead, was a strong like, never in MSADI5G, it may or not be them, I've only two ears and so many hours in life and wasn't the indiscriminate music slut I - thank Baal - am now.


John Ashbery

Furthermore, Mr. Tuttle used to have to run in the streets.   
Now, each time friendship happens, they’re fully booked.   
Sporting with amaryllis in the shade is all fine and good,   
but when your sparring partner gets there first   
you wonder if it was all worth it. “Yes, why do it?”   
I’m on hold. It will take quite a lot for this music   
to grow on me. I meant no harm. I’ve helped him   
from getting stuck before. Dumb thing. All my appetites are friendly.   
Children too are free to go and come as they please.   
I ask you only to choose between us, then shut down this election.   
But don’t reveal too much of your hand at any given time.   
Then up and pipes the major, leave the hand in,   
or change the vows. The bold, enduring menace of courtship is upon us   
like the plague, and none of us can say what trouble   
will be precipitated once it has had its way with us.   
Our home is marshland. After dinner was wraparound.   
You got a tender little look at it.   

Outside, it never did turn golden.


  1. Replies
    1. Is all good. And it could be argued - I have argued - that my not-voting in the bluest precinct of the bluest congressional district in the blues county of Blue Maryland is substantially different than voting in 50/50 Ohio and takes no courage or sacrifice on my part (though MD Dems seem to be sweating out O'Malley Jr's governor's coronation). Planet, in 2012, had first POTUS vote count more in Ohio than all my POTUS votes over decades in Maryland.

      I hadn't thought about Whiskey Fire in years, and most of those people on his blogroll. Not a deliberate conversion, just happened.

  2. missus charley and i will vote this evening - our congressperson faces a challenge from a man endorsed by sarah palin

    also, recently i received a phone call from tape-recorded bill clinton asking me to vote for brown for governor - i was inclined to do so anyway

    we won't watch the election news on tv, however

  3. "Creepy new wave internet" link is borked, but I figure that if Jeremy Rifkin is clambering aboard a bandwagon then it will be opportunistic bullshit.